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Testimony: Ear opened!

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My nephew was born just before Thanksgiving of last year and in his first two hearing tests the doctors reported that he was deaf. My sister told me about this and I began to pray as well as probably many others as they also sent out an email to their friends. He then had a third appointment with just a regular doctor who reported that he could hear but still recommended going to a hearing specialist. Well, today my sister took him to the specialist who gave the report that he could hear! Praise God!!!!!



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I lack self-control. There, I said it. However, I don’t mean that I do all kinds of bad things. I mean that I do all kinds of good things that I probably am not supposed to do. Think about it. I can fill my life with good things but never accomplish what God has called me to do. Pastor Bill talked to us about this yesterday in school. Boy do I need to hear it. It is so true that we need to focus on what it is that we are supposed to do. Think about it from the standpoint of just giving your full attention to a task that you are currently doing. You will have much greater success at what you are doing if you are single-minded and focusing on that particular task. I am currently trying to write this blog without being distracted by other things such as email, news, or thinking about what I will do next and hopefully this blog will have more power behind it because the words that I write will be more carefully chosen than if I just haphazardly threw something together while doing 10 other things.

When Pastor Bill mentioned this yesterday I immediately thought about music. For those of you who haven’t known me for long, I played trumpet for 13 years but haven’t played it the past two years and I was on the worship team at my church in Florida for 3.5 years playing keyboard but haven’t done that since June. While I stepped aside from playing the trumpet just because I didn’t have the time to practice every day, God had to help me out a little bit to give up playing the keyboard in worship. Among other things, a big problem I have is trying to take on things that are too big of a load for me to carry. That can also be translated into taking on too many things so that the combined load is too big. I have realized that right now I have too many things on my plate and so when I came to the conclusion that I must spend more time with God (my own hunger, not someone forcing me) I knew that something else would have to go. So I decided to quit my job so that I can get some more sleep and also have more time to give to my relationship with God. Before you say that I am being religious (haha, I caught ya!), I know plenty of people who cut things out of their schedule so that they can spend more time with their boyfriend/girlfriend, so don’t even try to tell me that I am out of line for wanting to spend more time with God.

It is my hopes that my relationship with God will develop to a place of greater intimacy with Him so that I know what it is that He wants for me to focus on. Right now my schedule is filled with good things, many of which may be distracting me from my main purpose. Again, they are all good things. It is possible that even my favorite activities are things that are not working towards my purpose. Shawn Bolz said that this generation will be one that will do many different things and not stick with just one thing their whole life. While I can totally see this happening, I believe that God still wants us to be focused on our purpose for the season that we are in. It is true that when resources are spread out over a wide area, the impact is not as great. Make the most of what God has given you. Find what it is that He has called you to do and go after that with such a focus that good things are no longer a distraction.

The man who thinks he is Jesus

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The man who thinks he is Jesus

Boy would I like to kick the hell out of this guy. Seriously. He needs to have some serious house cleaning to get all the critters out of him. Pastor Kris was talking about praying for a “miraculous” salvation this morning and I think this guy would be my biggest miracle salvation. Can Jesus get saved? The difficulty in getting him to repent is that he doesn’t believe there is any sin and furthermore he thinks he is Jesus.

This article obviously doesn’t give the whole story on the man, but I wonder how people can follow someone who seems to have almost no qualities of Christ. Does he do miracles? Has he raised the dead? How does he answer people that question him? Has God testified about him? Did someone 400 years ago prophesy about his coming? I sure hope that his followers see the light and don’t do anything drastic like kill themselves when he is about to die. What do you think?

So a woman came forward for prayer when a word of knowlegde for bad dreams was spoken. So I prayed for that and then asked her if she had problems with her feet. She said that she didn’t but said she has fallen and hurt her knees before. Then she tells me that she was recently diagnosed with diabetes so when I asked her if there might be some nerve damage in her feet she said there might be. So I just started to go after that and while I did a female student came over to pray for her as well. The peace of God hit this woman and when the female student began to prophecy over her the woman became overcome with the joy of the Lord. She ends up telling us that she was extremely depressed and had just kinda given up on life. I had prayed over her new life when I was praying for the diabetes and her feet and knees so praise God for speaking through me as I prayed and using the prophetic as well to bring happiness and joy to someone who was stuck in depression!

Testimony: throat healed

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In the midst of praying for breakthrough in seeing cancer disappear and disabilities healed I realized recently that I should contend for the normal sicknesses that sweep through Christian communities. Well, today as I went with my friend/neighbor/classmate Mark to go invite people out to a healing meeting next Saturday night with Todd Bentley he asked me to pray for his throat before we got going. So on the sidewalk I just started to pray for him. Just a week or two ago I had started to get sick and then began declaring that I walked in divine health as well as commanding the sickness to leave. I had been sick nearly the entire month of December so I did not want to be sick again. I had nearly gone to the drug store to get some medicine but I decided that for my faith to be excercised I should pray in faith that God would heal me and not take Tylenol in faith that it would heal me. Anyway, so God does heal me and I have been feeling great ever since. Back to today, as soon as I finished praying, Mark’s reaction was “Woah. It feels better.” I asked him what had been wrong and he said it was so bad that he had lost his voice the past few days and that it had really hurt. Then he says, “but I just got completely healed.” PRAISE GOD! C’mon Jesus!

photo blog

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view of Mt. Lassen from the church.

sunrise from the prayer chapel

“joy laps” at school

no, my camera lense doesn’t have spots on it

God laughs, so we laugh…

and sometimes when we laugh we fall out of our chairs…

Testimony: back healed!

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Riding home from the meeting tonight God gave me a word of knowledge for pain in the back on the lower right side. The word was for our neighbor whom we were giving a ride home. When we dropped her off, I got out to pray for her. 20 seconds later she was twisting it around with no pain! All glory be to God!