Can’t say I didn’t try

Posted: March 29, 2007 in Healing

Well, today at school we signed up to pray for one of our fellow students who is dying of cancer. He is around my age, so obviously this cancer isn’t right. Well, I felt like I should sign up for the 11 pm shift that would last until 2 am. I then had a feeling in my spirit that he would die while I was there so that we would have to raise him from the dead.

Initially, I also signed up for an 8 am shift that I thought would be a back up in case he hadn’t been raised from the dead yet. I ended up giving that shift to someone else who really wanted it.

Well, we get to the house 5 minutes before 11 pm and the previous team tells us what is going on and then packs up to leave. The father also came downstairs to tell us just to pray down there and that he would call us if he needed us. Just a few minutes later we hear the mother yelling for us to come pray, Matt died.

We were trying to give the family space so we just stayed in the area praying in the spirit. After a while of that we left them and went back downstairs to pray. Not too long after that Chris O. showed up and went upstairs with the family. At 1 am Zachary and I went back upstairs to pray for Matt.

I kneeled beside his bed and grabbed his hand like I was giving him a “brother” hand shake and began to pray. I spoke life into his body, prophesied over him, declared promises of God, and commanded him to wake up in Jesus name. An hour and 15 minutes later I got up to let the next team begin to pray for him.

You can’t raise the dead if you never pray for any dead people. Well, now I can’t say that I haven’t tried. God is so good. Not to sound insensitive or rude, but I would have never expected to be smiling and laughing when praying for someone to be raised from the dead. God has given me such a firm reality of his goodness that not even death can stop me from knowing He is good!

Teams will still be praying until the family tells them to stop. So please be praying for Matt to come back to life. I will give updates when I hear the good news.


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