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This morning we got to sleep in (relatively) and it was my friend LeAnn’s birthday. We had the morning off and team time in the afternoon. I was trying to find some place to be alone and after our pavillion no longer fit that description I hung my towel over my bed from the top bunk to give myself some privacy. I was trying to soak but was just not in a good mood.

When it was time to go to lunch one of the guys came into the room to see what was up. We talked for a while and he was able to explain to me some of what was going on and the reasons why. It was good. I was so thankful that he had come in, since he was actually in the other room. I still wasn’t really wanting to be around other people though. You know that feeling when something has happened and then you walk into a crowd and they are all looking at you. Yeah, didn’t want to do that.

But I went to lunch anyway as late as we were. After lunch was more team time. Geez. I said I didn’t want to be around anyone! 🙂 Luckily my beat up hands did not effect me playing the djembe which I still had to do. Talk about not being in the mood to try to lead others into worship. We went into team soaking time led by one of the gals on our team. That was good. Finally I had some peace. I hadn’t had my iPod on the trip because I left my earphones in Atlanta and so I had no way to listen to any music, so getting some soaking music helped ease my nerves.

We went to another taco stand for dinner. This one had beef and chicken, at least until they ran out of chicken. Spending some time talking with LeAnn helped cheer me up and got my focus off of myself. We went to the meeting and I was starting to feel good. I was gonna be on the ministry team (finally) and so I was really getting excited as we prayed as a team. I actually wrote down probably 6 words of knowledge and was ready to see God move!

After worship we moved straight into a healing service. I went to pray for a blind man who had been receiving prayer for a while from another guy on our team. Then I noticed a woman in a wheelchair so I went over to her. Finding someone that could get the interpreting job done I found out that she had polio and that she was pregnant. She had a miscarriage a previous time and so although she can walk, she was in the wheelchair as a precaution.

I began to pray for her and specifically that she would regain strength in her legs. At one point she did report that her legs were feeling stronger but she did not want to get out of the wheelchair. Another time I asked her if she was feeling anything on the outside of her right ankle, pointing to mine and then also to hers, although hers I couldn’t touch because of the wheelchair. She reported that she was feeling a sensation on it.

Then she said that she would only like us to pray for her baby, so we did that, declaring life over it and I shared a prophetic word with her from a man in my small group who said I would pray for a pregnant woman. Several hours later, after the meeting was over I found out from another guy on our team that her right leg was wooden from above the knee down. I asked the translator (someone who is from Bethel but is now a missionary there) to verify and she confirmed it. So, I don’t know how to explain it, but she was feeling a sensation on her right ankle even though her leg was wooden from above the knee down. Creative miracle? I hope so!

I never got to go up for ministry time after all but did have fun mostly video taping the rest of our team get drunk. One of the translators who was not yet a Christian got saved, baptized in the Holy Spirit and delivered at the meeting! Many miracles happened at this service and the people stayed until almost midnight when we finally left. As we rode back to the base, I started to pray for the people sitting around me and when they started getting whacked I wasn’t left out this time! Praise God! I was so thankful to be included this time as just the night before I just watched as everyone else got blasted and had incredible encounters.


Moving dirt from here to there

Posted: March 15, 2007 in Healing

By today I was really starting to feel horrible. Between seeing others go to new levels and myself not seeming to have any encounters at all, I was getting very frustrated. We woke up early and headed out to the “orphanage” which is the easiest way to describe it even though it was not one.

I worked at digging a hole that would be used to burn trash. Other groups chopped down cactus, painted, picked up trash, or dug a hole for a new outhouse. Starting from scratch we were able to dig an 8 foot by 8 foot hole that was about 3-4 feet deep. It certainly didn’t seem like much, but when you consider how fast we tackled it, it would have taken them possibly weeks to dig. They had been constructing a new building that looks far from completion but has been under construction for 2 years. I hope to get the trip video up online sometime soon after I finish editing it and there is some hilarious footage from our work.

After lunch and a much needed rest period in the shade (the temperature was up to just over 100 degrees) we put on a big program for all of the kids. This included a drama, teaching on how to hear from God, soaking, worship, and then at the end some crazy balloons. It was great. I was lucky to escape the several hours of shoveling with only 3 blisters, 1 of which was very painful for a few days but was no longer hurting by the time we came back to Redding.

We went back to our base to shower up and get ready for the evening service. We were going to be doing a worship workshop which I was totally not looking forward to at this point. I did not want to speak at it because frankly I didn’t think I should. When I had been on a worship team in the past, my heart in doing it was not right at all. So I felt that I shouldn’t be there sharing. So, when the group went to go hold the workshop I stayed seated in the back videotaping the service.

I realized an important lesson (writing this on March 26th) that for someone who is called to ministry the worst thing you can do when you don’t feel you have anything to offer in ministry is to go do something else that keeps you from ministering to others. Had I just gone with the group I would have had a great time, but instead I sat in the back of the service holding a video camera thinking of how I have nothing to offer and am stuck as the camera man. The same thing happened for me in doing worship. Not that there is anything wrong with working behind the scenes or being a musician. I just realized that it should be the people who are called to do it and not people who are hiding or being hidden from ministry.

That night I was truly miserable. In praying for people I couldn’t discern a thing and it seemed like I didn’t have an answer for anyone. A few ladies did get healed of a fallen bladder. I have never even heard of it before and there were two in the same meeting. This was where I was not really caring that people were getting healed, I just wanted to be with God. On the ride back to the base I just sat in the back of the van crying out to God (silently).

Hospitals and worship

Posted: March 14, 2007 in Healing, worship

Today was pretty busy. After we ate breakfast the worship team met to go over the music we would do that night. As much fun as I think it is to play drums sometimes, I don’t know what I was thinking when I volunteered myself to play them on the trip. From that meeting we went straight into a team meeting and from there went out to lunch at a sweet taco stand.

The thing I have noticed about tacos in mexico is that they are nothing like tacos in the states. I never saw a hard taco (tortilla shell) and the soft tacos are much smaller than what we have here. This place had a bunch of different kinds of seafood as the meat for the tacos. I had the shrimp tacos which were great. From there we went to the church where luckily we got to rest for a little bit. It was really hot so I found myself a place on the concrete floor which was a little bit cooler to lay down.

Soon most of us left to go to hospitals while another group went to a Juvenile Hall. One of our translators kept leaving the group so we ended up spending probably 30 minutes just waiting for her to come back. Once we finally got in we went to pray for one of the people they told us to, who happened to be asleep. So we prayed for her while she slept. Then we went to another bed in the room where there was a very old woman who was not doing well at all. We prayed for her and the family members that were with her and then went on.

They had asked guys to only pray for the guys and the women only to pray for the women, so I was eager to find a guy so that I could lay hands on him. We saw a guy with a neck brace on so we went into his room. His mother said that some people had already prayed for him, but we asked if we could pray for him again. So I laid my hands on him and after I was done praying he said that he felt fire on his neck and on his hands. He said that most of the pain was gone, but there was still a little left. So I prayed again and this time his feet also got hot and all the pain left.

We spent more time talking with them and prophecying over them. Then I got a word of knowledge for left ankle pain and it was his mother. After we prayed a few times all the pain left! During this time, our group leader for the hospital was talking with a doctor in the hallway about healing. Haha. He said that we should pray for his patient who was right next to the guy who just got healed. Although his patient only had a few weeks to live, he declined prayer saying that he wanted to sleep. The mother of the guy with the neck injury starts talking to him from across the room telling him that he will get healed, but the guy still wouldn’t let us. As we waited to leave, the young man kept looking out into the hallway where we were smiling and giving me a thumbs up! He was ready to leave!

I got back to the church with enough time to eat dinner for about 5 minutes before going in to start practicing before the service. Oh boy. It sure does help when people have played together before. Lol. It went off fine though other than two times when the wrong signal was given so that I didn’t know where we were going (and neither did anyone else for that matter).

My buddy Nolan shared a few minutes about yielding to the presence of God. It was amazing. God is all over that guy. After the preaching was over we got back up to play some more as the rest of the team did a fire tunnel. We did a song that we hadn’t done earlier which was tough. Luckily we switched over to one we had done that was easier. Praise God that I survived hopefully my last time playing drums during worship.

Thankfully after the previous two days of traveling, Joaquin, our trip leader, made it so that we had the morning and afternoon off. It was nice to just be able to rest and relax. I spent a few hours just soaking and thankfully when I went to lunch I no longer was feeling the symptoms of a cold that I had been feeling since I woke up yesterday morning.

We had some team time and did more worship. I now realize again why I was so thankful to not be on the worship team. It is really distracting to me to have to focus on playing an instrument. I think I will again retire from playing during corporate worship times. We did some more drumming like we did last night including a time of declaring freedom from fears. It was hilarious to hear Joaquin ask people as they came forward, “Who are you? Oh, you are an overcomer? I thought I recognized you!”

Tonight was the first night that we went to Pastor Angel’s (pronounced On-hell) church. Little did I know that some pretty cool stuff would break out when there were only maybe a dozen people there when the meeting started. After worship was over and many more people had arrived Joaquin had our other leader Andrea tell a testimony. After stating that it released an anointing for the prophetic, he called me up to share a testimony. I shared the one from back in November when I started to get a lot of words of knowledge and a woman with spina bifida had some significant healing.

Joaquin then stated how a healing anointing was released with that testimony and asked if I had any words of knowledge. I gave one for the left ear. After other words were given we went to pray for people and two members of our team prayed for a woman whose left ear opened up!

When she went up to testify, Joaquin started getting rocked and asked if she knew there was an angel standing next to her. She testified that she had just been declared clinically deaf a week ago but that now she was totally healed! Our host later shared with us that she and her family had been with their church when they first started but had moved away to a very legalistic church until just 3 weeks ago when they heard God tell them to go back. So when they came back they said, “We don’t know why we are here. We were happy where we were at, but God told us to come back.” Obviously God knew what He was doing!

We left the hotel at 5:15 am to go to the airport. Once we boarded the plane a few people started to get toasted by the Holy Ghost. We were sitting together as a group, all in the back of the plane. Even the flight attendants got in on it, commenting over the intercom, “we have a snorter on the plane,” to which we all started laughing even more. After a couple of minutes they made us stop though.

Once we arrived and got through immigration we all piled into two, 15-passenger vans. Luckily our team was only 28 so that with the two drivers we could all squeeze in. We stopped for lunch in a beach town called Cabo San Lucas which was about 30 minutes from the airport in Los Cabos. A little bit later we stopped for ice cream in a town called Todos Santos. Just before getting to our base in La Paz we were pulled over for not stopping at a police barricade. Our driver hadn’t seen the police officer trying to get us to stop and then he didn’t see him on his motorcycle trying to pull us over. Luckily, since the officer didn’t speak English and our driver didn’t speak Spanish we were able to get away without anything happening.

After dinner we had an orientation meeting with our hosts to know how we need to adapt so that we honor their culture. Following that meeting we broke out into some drumming in which people played on the tables and chairs while I led from the Djembe. One of our team members said when we were done that the beat was breaking through and opening up the heavens for people.

On the way to San Jose

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After some team worship and drinking time I have finally made it back to the hotel room. We leave six hours from now to go to the airport. The bus ride to San Jose was fun. It was a really old bus with no air conditioning and just a few working windows, so with the temperature around 80 degrees, it was pretty hot. I spent some time soaking and then some time praying with my buddy Nolan. We got whacked pretty good and soon our leaders and then the whole bus was in on it.

We ate dinner at Applebee’s and had to wait 45 minutes outside because they messed up our reservation. No worries though because I got to catch up with my friend LeAnn. She is so encouraging – very much like an older sister even though she is three years younger than me. The food was great except for that our waiter left me with nothing to drink for most of the time we were there. I suppose I should have warned him that I am a heavy drinker.

The worship time was amazing. The team was getting rocked. Afterwards we just laid down on the floor in this room that was part living room and part breakfast area, conveniently located right in view of the elevator. So as we laid there and prayed for each other it was quite amusing to see or hear people’s reactions to us laughing on the ground.

Why revival tarries

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“If we were as scared to miss fire baptism as we are to miss water baptism, we would have a flaming Church and another Pentacost.”

– Leonard Ravenhill

“Oh! for a heart that is burdened!
Infused with a passion to pray;
Oh! for a stirring within me;
Oh! for His power every day.
Oh! for a heart like my Saviour,
Who, being in an agony, prayed.
Such caring for OTHERS, Lord, give me;
On my heart let burdens be laid.
My Father, I long for this passion,
To pour myself out for the lost-
To lay down my life to save others-
“To pray,” whatever the cost.
Lord, teach me, Oh teach me this secret,
I’m hungry this lesson to learn,
This passionate passion for others,
For this, blessed Jesus, I yearn.
Father, this lesson I long for from Thee-
Oh, let Thy Spirit reveal this to me.”

– Mary Warburton Booth

Today I read Leonard Ravenhill’s book “Why Revival Tarries.” If you want to see revival, you should read this book. If it doesn’t grip you then you should check your pulse and call a friend to have them raise you from the dead.

A friend from school loaned it to me saying that she thought I should read it. I believe that I got out of it what she was hoping: an increased burning passion to pray and preach the gospel. I am just glad that I decide that I would read it today instead of after missions week.

In a way, the book scared me. I am scared that I could lose the intense passion that so gripped me as I read. It scares me to think that I could forget about something that moved me that much. It scares me to think that I could get too busy to have time to pray and think that I am being more effective in helping people.

Well, here we go, off to Mexico. Many updates will come when I get back. It’s revival time!