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“I thought to myself, ‘What would happen if the washing machine flooded?'”

Not much later we received a phone call and rushed out the door to respond to a flooded garage. After helping clean up some of the mess and putting the drainage hose back where it belongs, our flooded friend realized that the Holy Spirit had warned her of what was going to happen, but she hadn’t recognized it. My roommate then responded that He is always speaking and that it is up to us to listen.

Yesterday I was rushing to our old apartment to get my clothes so that I could go to where we are now living to take a shower and get to the church for a meeting. On my way there I saw two cars on the side of the road. Seeing that there was an officer on the scene and that all the people were standing outside their vehicles, I felt a sensation in the big toe of my right foot. Having never stopped at an accident before I wasn’t quite sure how to approach the people since the officer was writing up what happened. It could have just been me feeling the Holy Spirit, or it could have been a word of knowledge for one of the people (I think it was a word of knowledge). I have been so used to not getting words of knowledge “on-the-go” that I doubted the validity of it until I had already talked myself out of stopping.

Regardless of how much we recognize the voice of God, we must awaken ourselves to what He is doing and what He is saying. Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing. That has been my prayer in recent months – that I would know what God is doing so that I could do it and nothing more. Had I been waiting for God to speak like the sick people at the pool of Bethesda were waiting for the angel to stir the waters I would have jumped at the opportunity. Now that I think about it, that is how I want to start living – eagerly awaiting an assignment from the Lord whether it is to give someone an encouraging word, or to pray for someone to be healed of an incurable disease.

Eagerly await the voice of God, the Language of the Holy Spirit. When you hear your spiritual phone ringing, don’t hesitate to answer because you may miss the call.


Purposeful Planning

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At one point this morning it seemed as though nothing could go right. It is partially my fault for checking my email and seeing that there was something for me to update on, but regardless, it set me off to a bad start almost 5 hours after I had woken up (and yes, 5 hours after I woke up was still the morning, and it was probably before a few of you woke up).

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time in the past week that making an update on the Jesus Culture website has gotten me rather mad. I would not think twice about it other than the fact that I do not get angry with people. Fortunately I am getting angry at the internet or the website not working properly instead of getting angry at another person, and double fortunately I am not getting angry at it when anyone is around, however, I don’t want to get mad at anything except for a holy anger at the devil.

I was running a little bit late to help my friends because of trying to squeeze in more than I had allowed time for. Then I went to the post office to finally put in my change of address form but I couldn’t remember the new address. Then I noticed that I could have done this online. So I drove to the old house to find that nobody was there giving me the opportunity to go back to the apartment to get my mail forwarded online. Then I check my email and see that the website was needing a pretty important update. The internet worked long enough for me to see that somehow the link to the page I was updating got messed up. Then when I knew it needed to be fixed, the internet would not work. After getting a phone call back from my friend asking if I was still coming I tried one more time and this time it worked! Thank you Jesus! So after 15 more minutes of fixing the problems and updating the site I was on my way.

I lacked planning and didn’t have my priorities straight to follow through on the commitment I had made to help my friends. Soon after arriving to help them I realized another important lesson: If you don’t know your purpose then you are almost completely useless and ineffective. I felt very out of place as I stood around wondering how I could help. I didn’t know my purpose and because of that simple bit of knowledge, I didn’t get much accomplished.

It is my goal this summer to have a purpose, some of which I have already laid out, so that I know what I want to do and what I need to do in order to accomplish it.

Some like it hot…

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It’s heating up! yes, that is the forecast over the next few days for Redding.

I am starting to believe that it is imperative for me to live a life of radical faith in which every day I am doing something that streches myself. For instance today I heard the story of some students (not at Bethel) who for a few hours read and prayed scripture about Jesus and Peter walking on water and then for several hours attempted to do it until one walked across the pool that they were at! Think about it. How can we expect to do the impossible if we are too worried about trying in the first place. It is time to turn up the heat!

I am getting back to that place of desperation and I am actually feeling the heat on a situation when I would need a jolt of faith. I am so thankful that the desperation for more has returned because it honestly was not fun to be in the place of not even wanting to pray for people. I would rather be sweating because I know that I should approach them than just walk away without hardly giving it a thought. It is time to turn up the heat on the devil!

I am starting to see why the devil seems to have so much authority on the earth (notice how I said “seems”, because in reality he doesn’t!). It is because we don’t do anything to keep him from prowling around and doing as he pleases. If we would be on the offensive then he would have no option other than to retreat. Come on! How many of you know that you could stand in a fire pit as long as you wanted as long as there was no fire. In the same way, if we put no pressure on the devil then he isn’t going to give up quickly. Of course in the end, he has no option because he has already been defeated, but what is our purpose if we refuse our right to co-labor with God? Let’s turn up the heat on the devil and go out and help God to kick him out of here!

So I finally got smart last night and put my laptop in its normal spot next to my bed so that I could write down my dreams when I wake up in the middle of the night. Sure enough, I had a dream, woke up, and wrote it down. One person that was in this dream had never been in any of my dreams until the past two nights. Anyway, I woke up early to get some time in with the Lord. It was fitting that Pastor Kris talked about how something only has value when it costs us something. Well, I have loved my time with God in the mornings and this morning was no different. I think it was probably my favorite time of praying in the Spirit ever. Of my goals that I wrote about a few days ago I have been doing very well on the praying, soaking, and reading the bible, all of which I do in the morning. I have not been as consistent in spending an hour reading other books, but have been reading a few pages each day.

Church was super cool. I was digging worship as I have learned again how to enter in when it isn’t my choice of music. Eric Johnson, Pastor Bill’s son, shared this amazing story about an 8-year-old that learned not to be afraid of snakes (the devil). I am not doing the illustration justice right now, but he made several great points about how we need to put the devil in his proper place of being small and only having the authority that we hand over to him. Pastor Kris told a story that I have heard many times, but after he told and just began to talk was amazing! When I went up to pray for people I felt an impression on my right knee, so I turned to Banning and asked him if it was hurting, which it wasn’t. Ten seconds later he went to go pray for a man. Fifteen seconds after that he tells me to get over there and explains how not only did this man ask for me to pray for him, but also that it was his right knee that he came up to get healing for! So Banning and I just declared healing in a second over him, without praying, and told him to go walk and test it out. He reported very much the same as I did with my knee problem from a month ago in that, it didn’t feel nearly as weak when he was walking and that he felt more stable. Praise God!

Fast forward to the evening and I showed up to pre-service prayer a few minutes early. Since I have been having such a good time praying in tongues the past few days, I didn’t hesitate to start walking around the room even though there was no music on yet and I was the only one doing it. Sure enough I could feel God’s presence almost immediately and was then getting touched by some angels and the Holy Spirit. Later I was with several other people and was starting to get a little bit drunk in the Holy Spirit. I was laughing so much that now my throat is just a tiny bit sore from it. I kept falling over and laughing. Ah, being happy is so much fun! I now have the feeling that the summer is going to be a blast!

So, I don’t think that I have ever had quite the experience that I had during worship tonight. It was amazing. I have had other experiences that were incredible, but I think this one tops them all. I thought I felt that something special was happening (which normally does not happen) and after just the third song Pastor Kris gets up to share that he feels such a special anointing in the room that he hasn’t felt anything that strong since the Jesus Movement 40 years ago! WOAH! I was already going crazy, but that just kicked it up another notch. It was fantastic. On top of that, a good friend of mine that I have been constantly praying for was finally back from her surgery a month ago. I didn’t realize just how special this is until now, but I had been praying that she wouldn’t need any more rods put in her back because she would be healed, and guess what, she didn’t need any rods! She still needs to be completely healed though. While praying for her I got a couple words of knowledge, one for pain in the left ear, which left completely, and another for headaches which lessened. Also, pain in her knee went away while I was praying for her feet. God is so awesome!!!! I can’t believe how faithful He is! Oh and while I was praying for my friend, she was praying with one or two other people for a woman with a large tumor. After the second time of prayer the woman had an astonished look on her face and could not find the tumor!!!! JESUS!!!!!

I almost forget to mention what got released during this time of worship before I prayed for my friend. In addition to the healing anointing, Pastor Kris also said that there was an anointing to break cycles, not only including bad addictions, but also including bad thought patterns of fear or loss of hope. He explained how many lose hope when things they are praying for don’t get answered. I totally felt that I had lost hope and it was also fitting that Kim Walker sang prophetically about dreams that were forgotten due to lost hope or bad memory would be restored. Well, I have dreams of people getting out of wheelchairs among other things that I have definitely lost hope on in a very general sense. Actually, I think it would be more accurate to say that I don’t carry those dreams with the same level of faith that I once did.

Nearly two hours into the service Danny Silk finally got up to preach. I sat with some friends who were susceptible to getting drunk in the Holy Spirit on purpose just because I know God is giving me some freedom and joy. I was not dissappointed. After Josephs and Marys were called forward to be released we ended with a big fire tunnel. Much later I got to pray with an awesome guy, Scott, for a woman with cancer. You can tell that Scott has been around Pastor Bill by the authority that he prays with. Not a gift of faith, loud authority, but rather a soft-spoken, rock-solid healing theology authority. He got a clear word about her not being able to sleep and the whole time we were praying I could feel the fire coming off of my fingertips. She is gonna be healed.

Somebody get happy! God is good!

God is really good!

Seriously. After my experience at the prayer chapel yesterday morning I thought that I should have a little party in there this morning before reporting at 8 am for the healing rooms. So, I had a cool time from 5-8 hanging out with Jesus and some angels and then headed over to the church. This was not my normal team, but there were a few familiar faces there from school and then also the intercessors that pray in the room with us and pray for us as we pray for the people. They are so awesome. It is like having four Grandmothers in the room cheering you on.

I learned something very valuable last night as we were sharing testimonies before going out into the city for outreach when one of the leaders made a comment about how my friend shares her testimonies. He made the comment that she always is thankful for the little things such as headaches and pain and treats them as a normal person might treat someone getting out of a wheelchair. He then said that people like her who are so thankful for the little things are the ones that then see the people getting healed of cancer and deaf ears opening. Anyway, when our leader at the healing rooms told us to ask God for what we want to see, I said, “God, I want to see headaches healed.” I realized how quick I have been to write off less impressive healings as insignificant and to only really value the healing of cancer, deaf ears, blind eyes, etc… The angelic was pretty thick in the room at the time and I was probably manifesting more than I have since February especially when someone called out autism. So, I quickly followed with “Ceeeerebral Palsy! Down’s Syyyndrome!” as I was shaking.

Did I mention that God is really good? Well, in case you didn’t realize that yet, He is! I believe that for each of the people we prayed for I had at least one word of knowledge. For many of them I had several. I don’t say this to boast, because God is giving them to me, but several weeks ago it seemed like I couldn’t get a word of knowledge if I waited for one all day. God is really doing something in my life in creating a balance between doing what I am called to do, but doing it for the right reasons. It has been a long time coming, but better to go through what I did and be doing it right then to still be performing for the testimonies and praise of others as I had started to do. Anyway, on to what God was doing…

One woman no longer got dizzy when she danced and spun.

A man who is now one day past how long the doctors said he had to live felt fire in his chest. He had lung cancer that spread to his brain. Through words of knowledge he also got healed of numbness in his fingertips and lack of feeling in both of his feet. On his fingertips we prayed many times with there being improvement each time. We had to press in for his feet several times before they started to get better. We had already prayed I think three times (and were going to move on) when I then felt the Holy Spirit touch the bottom of my right foot, and so I told him, released another testimony and then prayed again, this time with breakthrough! Praise God!!!!

A girl with all kinds of stuff wrong had an outbreak of laughter (we did too!) when we prayed for God to release joy on her. She had chronic headaches (come on!), so I gladly prayed that they would never come back and that she would no longer have insomnia (both problems I had several weeks ago that I didn’t have at the end of the week). Then, even though we had already been told to move on to the next person, I felt led to share a testimony from one of my classmates about how she got healed of lactose intolerance and then prayed for several friends and family members who got healed as well. Then the girl tells me that she has that too but thought it was unimportant compared to the rest of the things. Apparently God thought it was very important! She experienced indescribable feelings throughout her body as we prayed for her complete healing of many illnesses.

A woman wrote that she wanted prayer for “whatever the Lord wills”. Well, after reading this, I think you will see that it is God’s will to heal! We could barely touch her because the Holy Spirit was touching her so much. My prayer partner had a great word of knowledge that allowed us to find out that she had deafness so bad that hearing aids don’t help. As we were praying for that I got words of knowledge for her feet and for her knees. We prayed that the numbness would go from her feet and that her knees would be fully strengthened and she had breakthrough. Then we also prayed for her back which I believe is fully healed as she quickly bent completely over at least a half dozen times without any sign of pain.

This is good!

When praying for a man with shoulder problems I felt heat in the exact area that I later found out was the location of the problem. He couldn’t do anything to test it out, but he knew that swimming would test it and so he is going to give the report to one of the intercessors who is in his family.

A woman was receiving some inner healing when I felt that she also had feet problems. Guess what? She did! We got to pray for her feet and her knees as well and when we were about to wrap that up I felt that God was wanting to do something on the balls of her feet. It turns out that she has a fairly serious problem there in which she is prone to getting cut with possible dangerous consequences. We began pressing in for that and were feeling that God was doing a great work.

Another woman came for prayer for her colon. After praying in the spirit for a minute I felt that there was something wrong in the lower right side of her back. She said that she was having problems there so we prayed. A few minutes later there was a great shift that she felt, after which the pain was gone. Later as we were praying I felt that God was touching the colon so we prayed for that and she ended up feeling her colon pull back towards her back. Praise God!!!!

To top it off we prayed for a student who has had problems with her knees, hips, and back. After prayer she could bend her knees to get close to the ground without pain. Praise you Lord!!!!

God is good!

I went to the wedding of two of my classmates this afternoon and just watched the webcast for The Call on and just happened to catch the segment that we filmed here at Bethel. I could feel the anointing on it and was so thankful that I get to be a part of what is going on here. Later they showed the Ramp in Alabama which was rocking and had a very strong anointing too! How cool is God? I am getting rocked while watching a webcast, some of which wasn’t even live! 🙂

You may want to write this down again…. God is good!

drum roll please…

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I just changed my layout! I hope you like it, because I do. Your feedback is welcome here, I won’t do anything to you if you don’t like it! 🙂

God is good.

Oh wow, what a day I had yesterday. I woke up at 4 am to take a classmate to the Greyhound Bus terminal and after I dropped her off I thought it would be fun to go to the prayer chapel. Good choice. As I prayed I was more aware of His presence and also angels than I have been in a while. After that I had some good soaking time and then went home. I read my bible and made some breakfast. Lol, the only thing I “made” was the bagel that I cut in half to put in the toaster.

Later, when I was reading “The Reality of the Supernatural World” by Todd Bentley, I was hit with some pretty good revelation about the need to maintain spiritual disciplines. I don’t want anyone to start debating with me, so I won’t touch any specifics, but it was easy to relate what he wrote to my own personal experiences of having trouble doing something when we haven’t been doing it regularly. For instance he gave the example of having a hard time getting back into doing meetings after having a week or even just a few days off. However, if he has been doing meetings every day then it is no problem for him to get going the next day. Likewise, revelation from reading the bible comes best when we actively read it every day. If I make a habit of ministering to people in public it becomes easier to do, but if I don’t do it for a while, it is very difficult.

Something really seems to be happening in the spirit for me. Maybe it is because I am spending more time in prayer (it isn’t because of performance, but rather familiarity!) and in God’s presence. Last night at pre-service prayer I was really getting touched and started to laugh a lot, which I haven’t done in a while. I went on outreach and was on a team with two of my favorite people. These people would blow you away. We had a blast and ministered to a lot of people. It all started with one of them following arrows they saw in the spirit and then passing it off to the other who felt that we should go to IHOP (Pancakes, not Prayer). So I pull in and before we even get inside the building we immediately found people that matched several words of knowledge. One man’s knee got healed and another one’s vision improved.

While talking with our waitress and telling her how great she is, I start to think that we should bless her with a large tip and immediately after I think that my friend gives a word of knowledge that we were supposed to bless a Native American and she happened to be one (I wouldn’t have guessed it and we actually ran into more Native Americans before we left that did look like it). So we end up leaving her a large tip and after ministering to many other people we headed back.

We didn’t make it far before I noticed a man walking on crutches, so we did a U-turn and pulled over to talk to him. We prayed for him and my friends both prophecied over him. While we were praying I could feel heat transfering from my fingers to his knee. He was really touched. It was awesome. So we went to a street that our group leader had written down that has nothing on it except for one intersection. Well, there was a car stopped at that intersection. Turns out one of the girls was teaching the other to drive. We were able to pray for them and just let them know that God thinks they are awesome. After that we finally went back to the church.

OK, so that was kinda long, I will save you by making a new post for what happened Saturday morning at the Healing Rooms…

To Be Continued…