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A Greater Reality

Posted: June 29, 2007 in Healing

When faced with adversities, it is often difficult to see how we can fulfill our dreams. The reality of what we can see in the natural attempts to block out the reality of what God has called us to. Much like an eclipse, we may only see a glimpse of what we know to be there whereas the lesser reality is what we see most.

My friend Daniel reminded me how we cannot let the lies of the enemy and our current circumstances dictate our future hope. If you dream of being an author, you cannot focus on the reality that you are a poor student, you must focus on becoming an accomplished writer!

The enemy would like nothing better than to keep you from fulfilling your destiny and having a big impact in the Kingdom of God. If he can convince you that you are incapable of accomplishing your dreams then he has gained a small victory. God gives us larger than life dreams so that if we believe His word the devil won’t stand a chance at getting in our way.

I dream of being a revivalist. I dream about seeing people saved and healed every day not because I do outreach daily but because I make myself available. I dream about the biggest cities in the world being transformed by the gospel. I dream about massive healing and evangelistic crusades in the US and internationally. However, my current situation does not point to that destination. When I minister on the streets people aren’t getting saved or healed at nearly the rate they should be. A few of my friends see people get healed and saved on a daily basis. Literally. One friend told me how she was shocked when she realized one day recently that nobody had gotten healed that day.

When God has called you to the impossible, it is imperative to keep your eyes on Him and not what you see in front of you. We must allow what is invisible to become more real than what is visible or else our circumstances will dictate our future. Our world would be significantly different if inventors gave up when they didn’t immediately experience success and became satisfied with the status quo.

How many times have Christians given up on a dream because they thought it was impossible or too difficult? If I remember the story correctly, Reinhard Bonnke was not God’s first choice to win millions of souls on the African continent, but he was the first to say yes to the call. How many others are called to change nations but have let a false reality get in their way?

One of the first prophetic words I ever received was so big that I didn’t know what to do with it. I often would listen to it thinking, “how could I ever do that?” I didn’t have a firm grasp on the reality that God can use anyone to do anything and that He might just want to use me for greater things than I could ever imagine. If we turn our focus to our present circumstances instead of to God we will never see the greater reality that He has called us to and walk in the fullness of our calling.


Defeat is not an option

Posted: June 26, 2007 in Healing

Randy Clark has a sermon titled, “The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat.” I tend to dislike this message because I am not content with living a lifestyle where defeat is normal. I understand why he preaches it though; many would become so disheartened by defeat that they would give up before ever tasting victory. Randy, like so many others, had prayed for the sick for years without seeing anyone get healed. They had to persevere through so much just to taste victory and experience the thrill of God healing someone through their prayers. Because of the groundwork that men and women like Randy, Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker and others have laid, we now get to experience breakthrough much more quickly.

One year after seeing my first healing, I have seen more people healed than I can count. At the beginning I wrote down each healing testimony, and although I still try to write them down it is difficult to keep track of everything God has done. However, I have seen more people walk away without healing than I have seen walk away praising God for healing them. Many of these defeats break my heart. I remember praying for a man with cerebral palsy back in February. I prayed so fervently and felt the Holy Spirit stronger than any other time I have prayed for someone yet nothing manifested that I could see.

Then of course there are friends of mine who are afflicted with disabilities. These are illegal! I have contended for their breakthrough but to no avail, both still are confined to their wheelchairs. I can’t leave out that I prayed for one of them that the doctors would not have to put rods in her back because she was healed and while the doctors changed their minds and didn’t put any rods in her back, she still isn’t healed. But praise God, no new rods!

This past weekend I met a guy two years younger than me with a disabillity. Most people with his condition die at a very young age. Counting the whole weekend, I spent around 10 hours praying for him before he left town. He is an amazing young man whose freedom is being robbed by the enemy. Seeing him leave in the same condition as the first time I saw him crushed me. That evening I spent at least another hour praying for another man whose freedom and health is also being robbed by the enemy after I had already spent over an hour praying for him the day before. Still nothing.

Today I was called up to go to the hospital to pray for a man who was dying with two people from church who knew him. I felt the Holy Spirit flowing into him as I prayed. Heat was all over his chest as my hands were on him. Several times I felt the power of God rush through my hands and into his body. A few minutes after I stepped away from him he went to be with Jesus. After giving the family a few minutes to mourn I knelt down to quietly pray for him to be raised from the dead. After a few minutes, one of the people I was with tapped me on the shoulder to motion for us to leave. I am now 0 for 2 in seeing both the dying healed and the dead raised.

Tomorrow I should be meeting with a man who is paralyzed that I prayed for last week at the hospital for about an hour. Nothing happened last time but he is going to walk. I am not giving up and I am not giving in. God is good all the time. By His stripes we are healed. I will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. It is impossible to pray and have nothing happen. Jesus commanded us to heal the sick and to raise the dead. Nothing is impossible with God. Defeat is not an option.

I don’t deserve this!

Posted: June 20, 2007 in Uncategorized

Most people think that God is waiting for them to mess up so He can punish them. People think He is like the Highway Patrol officer that stands outside his car with his radar pointed like a sniper rifle down the highway to catch speeders. Actually, that may be partially true. However, when God comes after you to pull you over, He does so in love, not to intimidate or threaten, but to warn that your actions could cause harm to yourself and others. God is so loving that He watches over us and takes us out of dangerous situations.

Recently I was talking with a teenager who has been doing drugs for half of his young life. His view of the police was that they were out to get him for no reason at all. People typically think that they don’t deserve the punishment they receive for doing something that they don’t even think is wrong. Their view of God is that He punishes them for their sin by giving them bad luck or by making them sick. If only they realized that sickness is from the devil and that God’s mercies are new every day!

But it doesn’t end there. God doesn’t suspend our license when He catches us speeding. He might put us on probation, which is so we can learn to not make the same mistakes again. But most of the time it is just the opposite. Since His love for us is not based upon what we do or don’t do, we can mess up and He will shower us with His favor and love.

Wondering why God would use us to see people get healed of conditions and pain they have battled for years, a friend asked me, “What did we do to deserve this?” Another friend answered that question today in a simple yet profound way, “We don’t deserve it and we can’t earn it. He just loves us.” I was just showered with His favor after I did something stupid. What did I do to deserve it? Nothing. I think that God just wants me to know that He loves me regardless.

Bill Johnson says that God can win with any hand, even a pair of 2’s. God is in the business of turning things around. While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. He didn’t die for us before we had sinned the first time. He died for us after we had betrayed Him time and time again. Yet He still considered us to be His friend and not His foe. When we didn’t deserve mercy, Christ died for our sins.

Many people think that God is teaching them a lesson by giving them sickness or disease. When offered prayer their response screams that they are thinking, “I deserve this! God is dealing with me!” They think that because God caught them speeding, He took the tires off their car so they are slowed down. They think that he broke their air conditioning permanently so that they must live in torment for the rest of their lives. They think that He drained their oil so that their engine would fail prematurely. God doesn’t do any of that. The devil has come to steal, kill, and destroy but Jesus has come so that we may have life and have it to the full!

God is handing us the keys to our dream car and most of the time we do all we can to turn it down. We think that in order to be spiritual we must be in a constant state of suffering and not accept any gifts. I’ve got news for you: Jesus suffered so we don’t have to. He died for our sins so that we don’t have to. He paid the full price for it so that we don’t have to. We don’t deserve the favor and blessings we have experienced in life because we didn’t do anything to earn it. But we don’t have to worry because our Father has given it to us with no conditions – He simply loves us. Yes, He loves us.

Walking On Water

Posted: June 19, 2007 in Uncategorized

I just returned home from a great ministry trip to Lake Tahoe. Almost immediately after seeing the lake I began to think about walking out onto the water. This is because I have a burning desire inside of me for the impossible. I have had dreams in which I am flying through the air, watching lightning come down from heaven when I prayed for someone, and walking into a room full of people in wheelchairs with every one of them being completely healed. We were born for the impossible!

Rather than becoming satisfied with what I have seen, with each impossible thing that God does, I become even hungrier to see more. On Saturday, a man who was completely blind in one eye due to a detached retina began to see the outline of his wife and other features of the restaurant that they were eating lunch at. The catch is that nobody was there to lay hands on him; he just took off his sunglasses and saw! A word of knowledge had been given at our meeting and the man’s daughter had the person use their cell phone to call and pray for him. Since he wasn’t home, the person left a message declaring that God is healing his eye. It was confirmed that the man’s sight was restored at the same time the phone call was made.

I am so thankful for that miracle, as well as the people that were healed of different ailments after we got back to Redding while I was just standing around talking with friends. God is so faithful with the aches, the pains, and the blind eyes, but He does not want us to become complacent because we have seen one miracle. The reality is that we were created to live a supernatural lifestyle and not just have a supernatural moment here and there.

After seeing more of the goodness of God this weekend, I can’t help but long to have even more of His goodness revealed to me. I have come to the realization that I must move beyond thinking that it would be nice to live supernaturally. Even just telling other people that you want to live supernaturally isn’t enough. We must actually go do something about it. Take this analogy about eating. Do you just think to yourself that you are hungry and want food, do you tell someone else that you are hungry and want food, do you go search for food until you find it, or do you find food and eat it? It is dangerous to have knowledge of the supernatural and then do nothing about it. If I know that God heals people and that He does it through me, then I am responsible to take that healing to the people who need it.

Bill Johnson says that God will not give us revelation that we are not ready to be held responsible for. When God shows you something it is because He thinks you are ready to handle it. If I had thought about walking on water or flying several years ago I would have thought that I was going crazy. However, this morning when God was increasing my passion to take revival into the streets of my city on a daily basis, it was because that is what He is moving me into.

Why would we not be able to walk on water? The Bible tells us that nothing is impossible for God (Luke 1:37) and that everything is possible for him who believes (Mark 9:23). If we believed what God says about Himself and about us as much as we believe what the media says about American Idol and the Presidential candidates then the Kingdom would be advancing so quickly that we wouldn’t be able to keep up. Hospitals would be cleared out in moments. Campuses would be completely transformed during lunch. Nations would be saved in a day. It’s time to walk on water; but let’s not just think about it or tell others about, let’s do it again and again and again.

Give it up for the King of Glory!

Well, did you?

Yesterday I said a silly remark to a friend about their future spouse. I only told them because I thought it when I had seen the person dancing during worship. Probably only a few hours later I was talking with other friends about people needing to be hungry for God and passionate about his glory manifesting I realized the mistake I had made. While it just seemed fitting to think what I had, in reality it is the worshippers that will usher in His glory.

Too often it seems like God can’t get our attention. I know that He tried to get a hold of me a few times in the past week and the first few times when He left me a message I just took it for what I thought it meant rather than calling Him back to find out the real scoop. I have a habit of not calling people back who don’t leave me a voice mail. I just tend to think that it wasn’t important. When an important decision comes up and I know I missed God’s phone call, I need to delay making that decision until I get ahold of Him. I can’t just assume that I know what He is wanting.

Between two friends yesterday I asked a lot of questions. Although the wording was different, both made it clear to me that the answer was running after God like He is the only thing worth waking up for. When we pursue Him, when His glory falls, everything else will follow. When we praise, when we worship, when we press in, when we give all we have, His glory comes. It must be an acceptable sacrifice. The people who seem lost in Him during worship and do what looks foolish are the ones who are making the sacrifice while God is trying to get the attention of those who are distracted by them. Lord let your glory fall!

Taking back my seat

Posted: June 15, 2007 in Uncategorized

This morning I had some revelation that I believe is imperative for the body of Christ to understand. It isn’t something that you haven’t heard before, however, if we miss it, we miss out.

I realized how much the enemy has stolen from me. He has tried to hold me back from before I was born when I was an unplanned pregnancy. Even tonight he has tried to destroy me and keep me from plundering hell to populate heaven. As I sat in my car tonight I didn’t know how I could go on. I hesitated for several minutes before I hit my steering wheel and started my car, more determined than ever to take back what the enemy has stolen.

He has done it to me before, making me so introspective that all I can think about is myself and wondering what the heck is wrong with me. I almost walked out of a meeting tonight because of what he was doing to me. That was the first time tonight that I chose to put my foot down and not miss the opportunities that God is giving me.

Shortly after I decided to stay I was given a prophetic word that I was holding a football. The person asked if I was really into calling the plays and making sure that the correct strategy was implemented. I responded that although I have liked football for a long time, I have never closely been involved with a team as to actually be helping the coach as they had asked. As the meeting progressed Kris Vallotton talked about being on the offensive instead of the defensive and calling all the shots from heaven. The words he used were nearly identical to the flavor of the prophetic word I was just given.

We are seated, literally in heavenly places. That means that we get to call the shots. In football, the offensive coordinator sits in the press box so that he can see what is going on and call the plays. If he were down on the field he would not be able to tell what was going on and why some things were working while others weren’t.

I feel like I was born to be the offensive coordinator but the devil has been telling from the beginning that I don’t think of the right plays (I don’t hear God) and that the trick plays will never work (miracles won’t happen). Because of these lies I left behind my seat in the press box and just sat down on the bench on the sidelines wishing that I could get in on the action. We have to know that we hear God and that the impossible is an everyday experience.

I have learned so much about myself and about the Kingdom in the past week. So much that I need to take a break and unplug. So I am done here for a while. I don’t know when I’ll be back. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, it means a lot to me. Signing off from Redding, CA.


This morning as I was spending some time praying I was asking God to increase the number of healings that are manifesting while I am around. I have felt that recently there hasn’t been much breakthrough in healing, or if there has been, then the people have just not told me.

Tonight I went to a Living in the Supernatural class taught by Bethel’s outreach pastor Chris Overstreet with my friend Erica. I have been wanting to go to Chris’ classes for the longest time but I have never been able to. Well, tonight was a good night to go. Within a few minutes of being there, God used me to bring healing to two people! As I was greeting two men I felt a muffling over my right ear so I asked them what was going on and found out that one was 50% deaf in the right ear and the other had blown out his ear drum.

The first man could not notice a difference in his hearing because there was so much noise in the room, but as I prayed for the second man God completely healed his ear drum! He said that he used to be able to get air through it and that he would experience a lot of pain when he would get water in it in the shower.

Then the first man asked me to pray for his right shoulder because he could not lift his arm above the shoulder. God completely healed him as he started lifting his arm and explaining, “I couldn’t do this before! I couldn’t do this before!”

Meanwhile, Erica was praying for the second man again who then got healed of headaches through a word of knowledge, arthritis, and then even a problem with the lymph nodes which he could feel drain! All this happened before the meeting started!

When the meeting was about to dismiss Erica felt pain in her left knee and hesitated to give the word as oftentimes people just kind of roll their eyes when a random person gives a word of knowledge. However, I wasn’t gonna let her pass it up, so I looked around, thought that I saw the woman who had the pain, and then asked if anyone had pain, and she responded. Erica prayed for her knee and God completely healed it!

Meanwhile I went to pray for a guy who fell off a ladder and has almost no movement in his arm due to swelling. He was able to relax his arm more and regained some of the movement.

Erica and another student named Anne began to pray for another woman. After praying for a while and seeing many things in the spirit for the woman, they were able to usher in God’s complete healing of the woman’s back. She was so excited because she has been in such tremendous pain. Through words of knowledge about scoliosis, problems with the shoulders, TMJ, and others, the woman was completely set free from the pain and healed of fibromyalgia.

It was incredible how God was giving us the tools to minister to people. God, you are so good! Afterwards we discussed why God uses us since we haven’t done anything to deserve it. I didn’t think of it at the time, but I feel like He moves through us because we ask to be used and we make ourselves available. If I hadn’t acted on the word of knowledge that Erica had, none of that would have happened. When we ask, God answers!