Can I get your attention please?

Posted: June 17, 2007 in Uncategorized

Give it up for the King of Glory!

Well, did you?

Yesterday I said a silly remark to a friend about their future spouse. I only told them because I thought it when I had seen the person dancing during worship. Probably only a few hours later I was talking with other friends about people needing to be hungry for God and passionate about his glory manifesting I realized the mistake I had made. While it just seemed fitting to think what I had, in reality it is the worshippers that will usher in His glory.

Too often it seems like God can’t get our attention. I know that He tried to get a hold of me a few times in the past week and the first few times when He left me a message I just took it for what I thought it meant rather than calling Him back to find out the real scoop. I have a habit of not calling people back who don’t leave me a voice mail. I just tend to think that it wasn’t important. When an important decision comes up and I know I missed God’s phone call, I need to delay making that decision until I get ahold of Him. I can’t just assume that I know what He is wanting.

Between two friends yesterday I asked a lot of questions. Although the wording was different, both made it clear to me that the answer was running after God like He is the only thing worth waking up for. When we pursue Him, when His glory falls, everything else will follow. When we praise, when we worship, when we press in, when we give all we have, His glory comes. It must be an acceptable sacrifice. The people who seem lost in Him during worship and do what looks foolish are the ones who are making the sacrifice while God is trying to get the attention of those who are distracted by them. Lord let your glory fall!


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