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Thursday, April 9th

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This morning we had outreach. My group went to pray for people waiting outside a massage clinic. A few people were healed of back and neck pain. One man gave his life to Jesus and a woman experience partial healing in her hand through a word of knowledge. After preaching briefly and asking if anyone would like prayer a woman asked us to pray for her daughter who is deaf and mute. I felt the anointing and the power of God, but no breakthrough seemed to occur. I got a word of knowledge for her mother but it was a stomach issue that she would have to test out later. She was weeping. We prayed for the healing anointing to come on two paramedics who both felt the power of God come on their hands. A group of older Catholics told us we were crazy when I told them that Jesus was healing the knee of someone in their group. That is very common among the Catholics here who want nothing to do with Christians. We went to a gas station and began praying for the attendants. The first one got healed in his back and neck and gave his life to Jesus. Then when we were about to leave I got a word of knowledge for hearing loss and his ear got healed. Two female attendants saw this going on and both wanted prayer. I believe both got healed. Both also experienced the presence of God. I noticed a pack of cigarettes in the back pocket of the one I was praying for and so we asked her if she wanted to be free from the addiction. She did and when we prayed she felt dizzy but then better when we were done.


Tonight we had a healing campaign. During worship, Kris told me about an angel that was there that would release very specific words of knowledge. He said the anointing was as strong as he felt at Lakeland. Right when I got up to preach I felt an angel on my right hip so I called out problems in the right hip. Then I specifically said that someone broke their hip 4 years ago. Later a man would testify that God healed him tonight of the hip he broke 4 years ago and at the end of the meeting he gave his life to Jesus! There was a teenage girl in a wheel chair that tried to stand up when I called out the word of knowledge for the hip. I knew that she was why I felt the angel. Later she came up without her wheel chair and walked across the stage. A huge shout erupted from the crowd and everyone stood to their feet and pulled out their cameras and phones. They left her wheel chair on the stage the whole meeting. A boy came up saying that he could now read without his glasses, but we hadn’t called that out as a word of knowledge. So I called it out after his testimony and for the rest of the night, many people came up and testified about being able to read what they couldn’t before. Many deaf ears also opened.


It was slightly frustrating because people were not responding to the words of knowledge when we just called out a general word like “hearing loss”. Kris came and told me to be more specific and that I couldn’t be wrong. I called out that God was healing a woman with back pain wearing a green shirt. Kris then pointed the woman out and she got healed. A few minutes later I called out that God was healing a man in a red shirt of back pain and then I pointed out the man. He got healed almost immediately. A little bit later I handed the microphone to Kris and continued to give out words of knowledge. One that I gave him was God healing a woman named Margarita with a tailbone problem. A few dozen people cheered and we found out that there was a woman there in the front named Margarita. I went down and found out that her tailbone was healed. She got healed of many things. I called out a man named Roberto who didn’t come forward until after the meeting. I got a word of knowledge for an undiagnosed problem he has and prophesied over him. There was a very strong anointing still during this time. At the close of the meeting Kris gave the altar call and we had the biggest response of any of the meetings. It is fitting that when people see the power of Jesus they want to know Him. In the Bible, Jesus wouldn’t preach to a sick crowd, He would preach to the crowd after He healed them! I prayed for another couple and got a word of knowledge for the ears and the husband got healed. I prayed for the husband’s knee that had no cartilage and he got healed. No more pain. I got a word of knowledge for his wife and her shoulder got healed. 


Wednesday, April 8th

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In the morning Kris and a group prayed for a young man dying of AIDS. He went blind from the AIDS at least 2 weeks ago (possibly longer). He was completely blind, but he got completely healed. Another group went to pray for a woman with cancer. The tumors all dissolved from her body. At the meeting tonight soon after I began to preach I felt the Lord releasing healing for deafness so I called it out and over 20 people got healed. Then I continued to share my message. I had Josh come up later and talk about God’s presence. After a while we moved into words of knowledge where probably about 200 people were healed. One highlight was when I called out a word of knowledge for problems in the brain. Later a girl about 12 years old came up to testify that she hadn’t been allowed in school because she can’t write. Her knee got healed and she got healed from her mental disability and she was able to write. She instantly learned how to write!!!! Another highlight was while Josh had the mic I felt someone specifically just get healed of deafness and we found that a woman did just get healed at that moment.

Tuesday, April 7th

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We went to the Pyramids (Aztec ruins). On the way there at a gas station that was pretty far out of our way, Kris and Gabriel found a homeless man with tumors in his body. The tumors dissolved! We went in circles a few times and took forever to get there. We took a tour around for over an hour, then climbed a smaller pyramid before ascending the largest one. At the top we did some prophetic acts and started singing in the spirit. While that was happening a man who took 2 hours to climb to the top got healed. It took us under 10 minutes to get to the top. Then healings broke out and we called out words of knowledge. A family of 6 got saved after experiencing a miracle. A woman was healed of breast cancer. The lumps dissolved. Others got healed and saved on top of the pyramid where the Aztecs used to make human sacrifices.


We then went to a nearby restaurant and Chet went to pray for a man with a neck brace. He got healed and Chet led 11 people to the Lord. They all came outside the restaurant and we all prayed for them to receive the Holy Spirit. All of them felt the presence of God come on them. 


After we got back we had an encounter with the angel of restoration. He came to restore everything. It was powerful. Kris and I both experienced a clear mind. It was really neat. I feel like God can move creatively through us when we have a clear mind because we can then use all of the brain. We finally went out to eat at 9:30 where we went to a Taco Shop on the street. On the way back Josh got words of knowledge for a woman from the church and she got healed of 2 things in addition to another lady that was just walking by. 

Monday, April 6th

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We did evangelism in the morning. Many people were saved and many were healed. In our small group, 2 out of our team of 30, we saw a woman get healed in her back and side and then her feet got healed through a word of knowledge. Later we prayed for a woman who wanted prayer for her sons who do not know Jesus. We got words of knowledge for her feet and ears and both got healed. While that was still going on I felt a word of knowledge for hearing loss for a woman who had just come near me on my left. I prayed for her for just a minute and her ear opened up. Next we found a man who was paralyzed from the waist down. We prayed with him and shared the testimony of the paralyzed woman in church on Sunday. Nothing manifested in his body, but I kept feeling that his toes were going to get healed and then the rest of his legs. Then we prayed for a woman using a walker. She had bad knee pain and got healed. Her ears also were healed. Then I felt a word of knowledge for someone at the shop we were in front of. At first they didn’t respond, but then she did. She said that people have placed curses next to their shop and asked me to pray about that. I did and when I was done, she asked, “Did you feel that?” I answered, “I felt God’s presence as we prayed. What did you feel?” She responded, “I felt something leave when you prayed and it feels really good now.” Then I went over to where Sarah was already praying for someone else. He had MS and after we prayed a few times he was walking with much more ease than before. 


That night I went to a hospital with one team while 2 other teams did evangelism in malls. At the hospital Oskar announced in the waiting room (that had at least 150 people in it) that we are healing missionaries from America and that we will pray for them. Many people got healed. Christen actually had a dream a year ago of praying for a certain woman and she found that woman in the waiting room and she got healed. We then went up onto different floors to pray for people. My group prayed for a man with pain in his leg. He felt a lot of heat and the pain lessened. The next man had some sort of growth on his back side that was oozing. The power of God was very strong and he said he felt much better. The next person had several toes amputated. I kept feeling the anointing on the same toes on my foot, but nothing manifested while we were there. His son came in and we ended up praying for him. We prayed for his arm, which got healed and he said he felt demons leave his body. Then we led him to the Lord and had him feel God’s presence.

Sunday, April 5th

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In the first service at 8:30, I got up to preach and after doing a short greeting had Kris and Oskar come up to share testimonies. While Kris was sharing I knew we needed to just call out words of knowledge. Oskar went first and called out problems with the eyes and after praying corporately over them once, 20 people were healed. One woman was called out as having been in a car accident two years ago. She had already had several of her conditions called out. She had been healed of many things and even testified already to that when I called out a word of knowledge near the end of the service for damage to the brain. At this point she started weeping and came up to share that she was asking God to please have us call out brain damage because she has MS. Another word of knowledge I called out was for the neck when I felt the anointing come on it. I had already seen two people wearing neck braces, but waited until I felt the anointing on it. Both people came up to testify waving their neck braces around in their hands. There was a baby that was missing the bone near the heel of his foot and Oskar felt the bone grow under his hand. Other things that were healed during that service were many deaf ears, cataracts, backs, knees, frozen shoulders, wrists, lungs, hearts, and more. There were at least 200 miracles in this service and about 12-15 people came forward to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 
After eating breakfast, we came back for the second service at 12:30. I again greeted the crowd since it was a new group of people. Then Debbie came up and shared a word on being transformed by the love of God. Kris had an encounter with “The Angel of Mexico” that morning and he saw it standing behind her with his hand on her back as she spoke. Kenton then prophesied over a woman in Spanish and Chet came up and prophesied over a few people too. He was getting really whacked while doing it. I shared about changing our mindsets to realize that the harvest is ripe and that nothing can stop the Kingdom of God. I addressed unbelief and how you can change it to faith in a matter of moments. The whole team came up and gave words of knowledge. Kris and Kendall went to pray for a woman who was paralyzed on her left side. When they left she was kicking her leg with almost 2 feet of motion and moving her fingers. We saw her outside and she demonstrated what the Lord had done. I can’t remember all the testimonies from this service, but there were close to 200 miracles again. 
We went to get lunch and had a really cool encounter. Josh’s iPhone suddenly began playing something in his pocket. He pulls it out and it is playing a video on the Father’s love. It is impossible for that to start playing by accident as it only responds to the touch of a finger. He would have had to hit a button, swipe it to unlock it, chose the iPod, and select the video. It was obviously the Lord confirming that He was releasing His love. We all got really rocked. The glory was so strong.
In the evening service at 6:00 we started out with having a few testimonies. The first woman was sharing how she got healed in the morning when I got a word of knowledge for the lower abdomen. She said she had cysts there so we prayed for her right there on the platform. After praying once, she felt the power of God and something moving around in that area. After praying the second time the cysts were gone. I normally wouldn’t pull someone up front to pray for them, so it was funny how she was up front sharing when God wanted to heal her. She shared that she knew that God was going to do something in her life tonight. After testimonies, I had Amy, Lara, Jenna and Gisli release prophetic Art over the church. Amy’s word was for a specific woman and the woman got totally rocked. Lara’s painting and also Jenna and Gisli’s were for the whole church and they greatly appreciated them. I felt like God was doing something in the section to my right. I didn’t know exactly what so I had them all stand up. I got a few words of knowledge and I prayed over them. Then Rich came up and shared on the Father’s heart from the story of the two sons (prodigal son) and how many of us can be in our Father’s house for a long time and not feel His love. Gisli came up and shared an encounter with God. Then, Kris came and lead. At some point he felt that same draw to that section and had them stand up. He said that he saw a 10 foot angel walking through them. Miracles were happening all over the room. God healed someone’s ribs after I called out a word of knowledge. God healed a man’s physical heart along with some other things after Kris had a vision of what he looked like and what he was wearing and that God was going to give him a new heart.
Another baby was missing the bone in their foot and got a creative miracle. I felt God wanted to heal deafness in a certain section and at least one woman was completely healed. Eyes were healed again. Several people on the team felt like God was going to break something open but we weren’t quite sure what to do. Sarah felt like we needed to worship which helped. She had a neat encounter in the back where there were two women who were doing something in a back room. The pastor came back and talked to them and they left. We lifted up a huge shout and just began to Praise the Lord with exuberant dance for a while. Then we did a fire tunnel as the band continued to play and the people continued to sing and dance. One woman began to manifest as soon as she got in the fire tunnel and a few people from our team took her through deliverance as she got set free from witchcraft. 

So far so good

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Everyone on the team arrived on time, no flights were delayed, our connecting flight was in the same terminal and extremely close to our arrival gate, no luggage was lost, no problems getting through customs, and we got to the church earlier than expected. Time for an evening soaking session! Holy Spirit come!

Off to Mexico!!!!

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