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By Grace Through Faith

Posted: December 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

Late last night it hit me. I believe it is God’s will to heal. I have seen Him heal people thousands of times. Suddenly it occurred to me how similar healing is to salvation. From the ministry of Martin Luther we have realized how just a simple prayer of faith can save a person because God has already paid the price through His grace. Nowhere in the Bible does it tell us that healing is more difficult to obtain. The Greek word sozo, which shows up as “saved”, really means “saved, healed and delivered”. If we are healed by stripes through faith then it really shouldn’t be any bigger a deal than praying a prayer for salvation.

I think most would agree that both salvation and healing may require some repentance. I don’t mean, “God forgive me for everything I’ve ever done. Amen.” I mean, “I repent for beating my ex-wife and for holding bitterness against her.” Repentance means to change the way we think. Again, many would agree that those with true repentance at salvation who have an encounter with God may be more likely to walk out their faith. Those who just pray a prayer are probably more likely to continue living in the same way. With healing, the same could be said. If it is just a prayer and no faith is involved, God could still move as he could through salvation, but often times a person ends up the same. However, a person who has a dramatic encounter with Christ the Healer is much more likely to believe God and change the way they think.

With all this said, I think we are healed by grace through faith just as we are saved by grace through faith. God already paid for it, but can we believe Him for it? I struggled for years when I was a kid in knowing if I was going to Heaven because I didn’t have a foundation of understanding it was by grace through faith, not through my works. Every time I sinned I doubted my salvation. Yes, every time I recognized my sin. It was horrible! In the past year I have noticed how easy it is to get healed of pain, headaches or sickness just by believing that God already provided it for me. I have also noticed how my doubt can keep healing away and I remain sick or in pain until I change how I think. Our healing has already been paid for and we can obtain it through faith in believing that God has already provided it.