Troubled Water

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Faith, Healing

Ever since I purchased a nice BPA-free Camelbak water bottle I have been drinking much more water than I used to. Although the initial smell of sulfur from the tap indicated that something was wrong, over time I no longer noticed the smell resulting in my guard being let down. So instead of drinking water from a water cooler, I began using the water fountain. However I began to have stomach problems pretty much all the time until last week when my wonderful fiancee pointed out that too much sulfur in the water could be the cause of the problem. So, I started filling up my bottle at home and immediately I noticed the difference!

On two occasions I had kids in the youth group pray for me. The first time I was better for a few weeks. The second time, which was just last week, I felt better initially but then had problems again the next day when I drank the water. Basically, five or more days a week I was filling my body with something that was making me sick!

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“Stop drinking only water, and use a little wine because of your stomach and your frequent illnesses.” – 1 Timothy 5:23

This verse gets used a lot by people who say that it isn’t always God’s will to heal. They are assuming that Timothy is just sick and he needs wine to be his medicine. Well, if it wasn’t God’s will to heal him, what business did he have trying to go against God’s will to get better? If bacteria in the water was making him sick, wouldn’t it make sense to put something else into the water to kill the bacteria? Yes! Or as in my situation, if dirty water makes you sick and you have access to clean water, just drink the clean water!

Why didn’t I just get healed from it all? My thought is that the first time the youth prayed I believed and I got healed. A few weeks later I even told them that I hadn’t had a problem with my stomach since they had prayed. However, soon after that I saw a bunch of commercials for a prescription drug I took as a teenager that was pulled off the shelves for causing serious stomach problems. That caused me to wonder if I had developed any of those conditions and what do you know, that was around the time when my stomach problems came back. Why? Fear is an open door for the devil to give us sickness.

Now I don’t know exactly what happened in Timothy’s case, but who can say for sure that he hadn’t gotten prayer and been healed previously? Maybe he had seen others get sick with the same condition since sanitary water wasn’t as prevalent then as it is now and then became worried that he would get it again. Perhaps he would get healed but then be afraid that it would come back?

There are a few good lessons to be learned from all of this:
1. Don’t take something every day that makes you sick because it will probably make you sick.
2. We stay healthy by not worrying (or having fear) about getting sick because if we think we are sick (or that we will get sick) we get sick.


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