Successful Failure

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Healing, word of knowledge
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“The difference between people who do things and people who don’t do things is that people who do things, do things.” – Banning Liebscher

Last night when I stopped at our awesome local restaurant Dixie Dream I saw a guy limping up to the counter to make his order. When he went back to his truck, I was finishing up my food and going to throw away my trash.  I approached him and asked if anything was wrong. He said that he was fine, but was just tired from a long work day. After he asked if I was a chiropractor I told him that when I pray for people they get healed. He again said that he was ok, but thanks for asking and I walked off.

While it would be easy to look at that as a failure because he didn’t let me pray for him I look at it as a success. Why? Because I didn’t let fear keep me from approaching him. Too often we are afraid of failure so we don’t take risk, but the reality is that you will never succeed unless you risk failure. A baseball player risks swinging and missing if he wants to hit a homerun (or just get a hit!). A basketball player must risk missing the winning shot if he wants to make the winning shot. A Christian must risk being turned down if she wants to heal the sick in public.

About a month ago I was in Rhode Island and was leading a few people on a treasure hunt. When we were walking away from a guy that we had approached and prayed for I felt a tingling on my arm, which I normally take as a word of knowledge that God wants to heal a person. Without thinking about it I immediately turned around and asked the guy if he had a problem there. He said that he didn’t. Bummer! You might think that I was disappointed or embarrassed, but I was actually quite happy that I asked him without hesitation.

Or take words of knowledge in general. I have given words of knowledge to people literally thousands of times where the person said that they didn’t have that problem. Basically it seemed like failure. However, there have also been literally thousands of times where I gave a word of knowledge, it was right, and the person got healed of something that they weren’t going to tell me about. So if I hadn’t risked failure all of those times, I would have missed out on all of those times that people got healed! One pastor from Mexico got healed of six things even though he only told me about one thing that he needed to be healed of! Two older women I have prayed for have both been healed of over 10 things because God pointed out things to me that they hadn’t thought were that big of a deal.

Remember, the more you risk failure, the more opportunities you have to succeed!


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