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Take a step…

Posted: August 9, 2010 in Evangelism, Healing

“Among university students, I noticed a pattern inhibiting them from experiencing the breakthroughs in healing they desired. These students passionately believed in healing but were not seeing it regularly. “Pressing in” to see healing, they were not actually “stepping out” to pray for people. They were crying out for God to move—but they themselves were not moving! There was a sense that if they persevered long enough in prayer, an anointing would fall from Heaven and they would obtain results.” – Banning Liebscher

The point isn’t the fact that they were university students, it is that they were praying for God to move but they themselves were not moving! It is pointless to press in without stepping out!!! You won’t see people healed when you don’t pray for anyone. I have tried it before and saw no results. I went to South Africa five years ago expecting to see people get healed, yet I came home disappointed that nobody got healed. Much later I realized the reason – I hadn’t prayed for ANYONE! Since then there have been plenty of times I have seen people healed without praying for them, but it involved me doing something that triggered the healing, whether it was calling out “God is healing this condition” or telling them to test it out. However, when I have not prayed for the person AND not done anything related to healing with the person, I have seen NOBODY healed. You could have the greatest anointing in the world and if you didn’t do anything with it you would still see nobody healed. The key is simple – do something.