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Successful Failure

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Healing, word of knowledge
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“The difference between people who do things and people who don’t do things is that people who do things, do things.” – Banning Liebscher

Last night when I stopped at our awesome local restaurant Dixie Dream I saw a guy limping up to the counter to make his order. When he went back to his truck, I was finishing up my food and going to throw away my trash.  I approached him and asked if anything was wrong. He said that he was fine, but was just tired from a long work day. After he asked if I was a chiropractor I told him that when I pray for people they get healed. He again said that he was ok, but thanks for asking and I walked off.

While it would be easy to look at that as a failure because he didn’t let me pray for him I look at it as a success. Why? Because I didn’t let fear keep me from approaching him. Too often we are afraid of failure so we don’t take risk, but the reality is that you will never succeed unless you risk failure. A baseball player risks swinging and missing if he wants to hit a homerun (or just get a hit!). A basketball player must risk missing the winning shot if he wants to make the winning shot. A Christian must risk being turned down if she wants to heal the sick in public.

About a month ago I was in Rhode Island and was leading a few people on a treasure hunt. When we were walking away from a guy that we had approached and prayed for I felt a tingling on my arm, which I normally take as a word of knowledge that God wants to heal a person. Without thinking about it I immediately turned around and asked the guy if he had a problem there. He said that he didn’t. Bummer! You might think that I was disappointed or embarrassed, but I was actually quite happy that I asked him without hesitation.

Or take words of knowledge in general. I have given words of knowledge to people literally thousands of times where the person said that they didn’t have that problem. Basically it seemed like failure. However, there have also been literally thousands of times where I gave a word of knowledge, it was right, and the person got healed of something that they weren’t going to tell me about. So if I hadn’t risked failure all of those times, I would have missed out on all of those times that people got healed! One pastor from Mexico got healed of six things even though he only told me about one thing that he needed to be healed of! Two older women I have prayed for have both been healed of over 10 things because God pointed out things to me that they hadn’t thought were that big of a deal.

Remember, the more you risk failure, the more opportunities you have to succeed!


This morning as I was spending some time praying I was asking God to increase the number of healings that are manifesting while I am around. I have felt that recently there hasn’t been much breakthrough in healing, or if there has been, then the people have just not told me.

Tonight I went to a Living in the Supernatural class taught by Bethel’s outreach pastor Chris Overstreet with my friend Erica. I have been wanting to go to Chris’ classes for the longest time but I have never been able to. Well, tonight was a good night to go. Within a few minutes of being there, God used me to bring healing to two people! As I was greeting two men I felt a muffling over my right ear so I asked them what was going on and found out that one was 50% deaf in the right ear and the other had blown out his ear drum.

The first man could not notice a difference in his hearing because there was so much noise in the room, but as I prayed for the second man God completely healed his ear drum! He said that he used to be able to get air through it and that he would experience a lot of pain when he would get water in it in the shower.

Then the first man asked me to pray for his right shoulder because he could not lift his arm above the shoulder. God completely healed him as he started lifting his arm and explaining, “I couldn’t do this before! I couldn’t do this before!”

Meanwhile, Erica was praying for the second man again who then got healed of headaches through a word of knowledge, arthritis, and then even a problem with the lymph nodes which he could feel drain! All this happened before the meeting started!

When the meeting was about to dismiss Erica felt pain in her left knee and hesitated to give the word as oftentimes people just kind of roll their eyes when a random person gives a word of knowledge. However, I wasn’t gonna let her pass it up, so I looked around, thought that I saw the woman who had the pain, and then asked if anyone had pain, and she responded. Erica prayed for her knee and God completely healed it!

Meanwhile I went to pray for a guy who fell off a ladder and has almost no movement in his arm due to swelling. He was able to relax his arm more and regained some of the movement.

Erica and another student named Anne began to pray for another woman. After praying for a while and seeing many things in the spirit for the woman, they were able to usher in God’s complete healing of the woman’s back. She was so excited because she has been in such tremendous pain. Through words of knowledge about scoliosis, problems with the shoulders, TMJ, and others, the woman was completely set free from the pain and healed of fibromyalgia.

It was incredible how God was giving us the tools to minister to people. God, you are so good! Afterwards we discussed why God uses us since we haven’t done anything to deserve it. I didn’t think of it at the time, but I feel like He moves through us because we ask to be used and we make ourselves available. If I hadn’t acted on the word of knowledge that Erica had, none of that would have happened. When we ask, God answers!

So I missed yesterday, but I’m back again today! On Friday, I got a call to do some construction type work for a guy who lives just north of Redding up on a mountain. So I went up there and worked for a few hours after taking in the breathtaking views and then rushed home to take a shower before driving down to Sacramento to hear Todd Bentley. God is so good!

It was well worth the trip. Although we missed almost all of worship due to me getting off of work after we had planned on leaving, the meeting was still great! I have never seen Todd Bentley so drunk in my life! Drunk in the Holy Spirit for those who are wondering what kind of conference I was at. So we had a blast laughing and after the meeting we went out to Denny’s with a bunch of friends.

After just 4 hours of sleep I got up the next morning to have my time with God. It was so good. It has been so good since school got out and I got myself to plan on spending time with God rather than just hoping that it fits into my day. Speaking of which, had I not planned it into my morning yesterday I would have never gotten a chance as we were busy the rest of the day.

One of Todd’s associates, Jerame (not Jeremy) Nelson, spoke about dreams in the morning session. It was incrredible. I felt like I no longer had any need to worry about not remembering my dreams as the Lord will seal them in your Spirit and sometimes never intends for you to remember them. While waiting to leave after the meeting I prayed for a woman in a wheelchair who uses it because it is hard for her to walk. After prayer she started walking around and didn’t feel the pain in her leg!

After grabbing some lunch we headed to the mall to go pray for people to be healed. Again I learned some valueable outreach lessons of how to deal with ministering with people. God still moved, but at times there were awkward situations that came up when neither person knew what the other was thinking or going to say. As we were leaving, the Lord was just touching me when one of the other Bethel students called me to find out where we were. Well, she answered the phone praying in tongues which did not help when I was already jerking around a bit. 🙂

We showed up to the meeting early to get seats and I saw the women that Jeremy and I had met when we came to see Todd in February after we just flew in to San Francisco from Atlanta. One of them was on crutches and started to walk without them after prayer. I believe she may have had a little pain left over, but by that point I noticed the woman in the wheelchair that I had prayed for that morning. She was sitting in a regular chair with the wheelchair empty next to her! She said that she walked in pushing the wheelchair up the hill! Praise God!

I went back and started to pray for the women and we all started to laugh and get rocked a little bit more. After a few minutes I went to talk with another woman in a wheelchair and her husband. They were an amazing couple and I prayed for all sorts of things for them. He has had cataracts since birth and then God gave me a word about his hearing so I prayed for his ears as well. She has been paralyzed for 37 years and was getting rocked when I prayed for her. The words of knowledge kept coming as God showed me that she had pain in her neck (which she had broken as well) and in her shoulders, as well as deafness in her ears.

Then I went to go back to my seat when several people asked me about my shirt, which was made by one of our interns in first year. I ended up going over to pray for them and we all started to get drunk. Several of us. Then more people came over and the drunkenness increased! Yay God! Some people were just staring at us, but oh well, I had fun!

Then came along a man and a woman. The man had Parkinson’s and the woman had MS. As I was praying for the man he stopped shaking and only had a faint tremble. I asked him if he had hearing loss and he did, so I prayed and he responded that he was hearing things that he couldn’t hear before. Praise God! At this point the meeting was starting so I prayed quickly for the woman with MS after sharing with her the testimony of a woman getting healed of MS and ME at Bethel a few weeks ago. Praise you Lord!

Worship was fantastic. After having been drunk in the Holy Spirit and having prayed for so many people I was just ready to enter in. It was so nice having Brian and Jenn Johnson and a band from Bethel leading worship. It also helped that I knew all the songs! I honestly can’t remember much about what Todd talked about because God was really birthing something in my spirit. I do recall him talking about building your spirit man by praying in the spirit, soaking, and reading the bible. Not that it is some formula, but we can’t expect to get closer to God and the Holy Spirit if we don’t spend any time with them.

Then it was impartation time as Todd was going to pray for everyone. I was glad that he explained how we should prepare ourselves just to remind me that I should stir myself up (which I already had been doing) and that regardless of what we feel, we should receive by faith. Just because we don’t feel a jolt of power doesn’t mean that God didn’t deposit something in us. I know that God gave me something even though I didn’t feel like something major happened. So we got back on the road to head back to Redding.

We were still drunk all the way home, don’t worry, we weren’t so drunk that it was unsafe to drive, and got back at 1:45 am at which time the neighbors came out and introduced themsleves and we talked for about 5 minutes. Boy was that random. God is gonna get them! After two hours of sleep I was back at it and going for more in the prayer chapel. There really has been an increase as I have pursued God, received impartation, and then given it away. By doing these every day I have been growing a ton in a short period of time.

Just after I got to the prayer chapel one of the security guards came in. He was a student and so I prayed to give him what I had just received. he got rocked pretty good, as did I, and then he told me that he felt someone touch his left shoulder as I touched his right. That had never happened to him before!

I was good and drunk at church before we even started. Thank you Jesus! I fell into my seat at one point just as it was getting started. Worship was fantastic again. It felt like something broke as I went forward and began to dance. Some of the pastors were right behind me and I felt that they broke through what I had been poking at. Anyway, it went from feeling dead, to very alive in a matter of moments. A song or two in I had to prop myself up using the handrail for the stairs going up to the stage. It didn’t help for long as I fell down onto the stairs laughing.

At one point I stood up only to fall back down within 10 seconds. I then remained on the ground for the rest of worship. God is so good! Danny Silk continued his message on the role of women in the church. It was great, you should definitely listen to the podcast. During ministry time I approached a man who came forward needing healing from cancer. Come on God! Cancer is one of things I pray into every morning that every person who comes onto the property would be healed. He felt some heat and I released the joy of the Lord onto him, although I think God got me better than He got him. Haha. I fell to the floor and the guy I was praying for kept standing. Oh Jesus, I can’t wait for tonight!!!!!

So after a ridiculously productive morning in which I had everything I wanted to do for the day done by 8:15, I feel like I somewhat squandered the rest of the day. That might be the problem with waking up early is that if you run out of things to do you feel as though you are wasting time.

God has really been putting it on my heart recently that it is time to step out in faith and see Heaven invade earth. Time to get back to the passion that I had back in November and December when I wanted to see people get healed every day. That means that every day I need to be out giving God the opportunity to give people a life-changing encounter. So with that being on my heart, my faith has been increasing and my prayers times have gotten more passionate. Well, during my prayer time two days ago I felt that I was getting a word of knowledge for a man who was in there. I didn’t talk to him that morning, but this morning I felt the same impression so I approached him. It turns out that he didn’t have pain or deafness in either ear, but if he had and he had gotten healed, I think it would have been one of the more obscure times that people have gotten healed – at 5:30 in the morning!

After turning in the keys to our old apartment, Jeremy and I went to Winco so he could get some groceries. I was on the phone most of the time with a guy who I was hoping to work for. It is possible that things could still work out, but I am not so sure. Thankfully, I have other contacts that I can look to from people that I have talked to in the past week. While I was on the phone we passed at least a dozen legal targets (wow, I haven’t said that in a while! A legal target is someone in a wheelchair, wearing a cast, with hearing aids, etc…). Finally, after I got off the phone, Jeremy realized that he forgot to get oatmeal, so we headed over in that direction. Right before we got there I saw a legal target (I almost feel bad for saying that, but it is the truth that God is setting us up when we don’t have to get a word of knowledge to know where someone is in pain). So after following Jeremy for just a moment to the next aisle, I immediately turned around to talk to the guy.

I’ll admit I noticed a sticker on his wheelchair that tipped me off that he was a Christian so I knew that I at least had that open door. I talked with him for a few minutes and found out a little bit about him before finally praying for him. I discovered something that I have never realized before in approaching people – I didn’t pray for healing how I normally would have because of what I knew about him. Well, lucky for me, God can still do whatever He wants, regardless of the words used in my prayer.

It is a step in the right direction for me. I know this may come as a shocker, but that is the first time that I have prayed for someone when not on a planned outreach in quite a few months. As a friend told me last week, “the worst thing that could happen is that they say no.” She was right. It is possible that I will inadvertantly offend people along the way, but better to plant a seed and give God an opportunity to change their life forever than to allow the fear of offending people to cripple me into being scared of approaching anyone and keep me from walking into the fullness of my calling.

“I thought to myself, ‘What would happen if the washing machine flooded?'”

Not much later we received a phone call and rushed out the door to respond to a flooded garage. After helping clean up some of the mess and putting the drainage hose back where it belongs, our flooded friend realized that the Holy Spirit had warned her of what was going to happen, but she hadn’t recognized it. My roommate then responded that He is always speaking and that it is up to us to listen.

Yesterday I was rushing to our old apartment to get my clothes so that I could go to where we are now living to take a shower and get to the church for a meeting. On my way there I saw two cars on the side of the road. Seeing that there was an officer on the scene and that all the people were standing outside their vehicles, I felt a sensation in the big toe of my right foot. Having never stopped at an accident before I wasn’t quite sure how to approach the people since the officer was writing up what happened. It could have just been me feeling the Holy Spirit, or it could have been a word of knowledge for one of the people (I think it was a word of knowledge). I have been so used to not getting words of knowledge “on-the-go” that I doubted the validity of it until I had already talked myself out of stopping.

Regardless of how much we recognize the voice of God, we must awaken ourselves to what He is doing and what He is saying. Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing. That has been my prayer in recent months – that I would know what God is doing so that I could do it and nothing more. Had I been waiting for God to speak like the sick people at the pool of Bethesda were waiting for the angel to stir the waters I would have jumped at the opportunity. Now that I think about it, that is how I want to start living – eagerly awaiting an assignment from the Lord whether it is to give someone an encouraging word, or to pray for someone to be healed of an incurable disease.

Eagerly await the voice of God, the Language of the Holy Spirit. When you hear your spiritual phone ringing, don’t hesitate to answer because you may miss the call.

So I finally got smart last night and put my laptop in its normal spot next to my bed so that I could write down my dreams when I wake up in the middle of the night. Sure enough, I had a dream, woke up, and wrote it down. One person that was in this dream had never been in any of my dreams until the past two nights. Anyway, I woke up early to get some time in with the Lord. It was fitting that Pastor Kris talked about how something only has value when it costs us something. Well, I have loved my time with God in the mornings and this morning was no different. I think it was probably my favorite time of praying in the Spirit ever. Of my goals that I wrote about a few days ago I have been doing very well on the praying, soaking, and reading the bible, all of which I do in the morning. I have not been as consistent in spending an hour reading other books, but have been reading a few pages each day.

Church was super cool. I was digging worship as I have learned again how to enter in when it isn’t my choice of music. Eric Johnson, Pastor Bill’s son, shared this amazing story about an 8-year-old that learned not to be afraid of snakes (the devil). I am not doing the illustration justice right now, but he made several great points about how we need to put the devil in his proper place of being small and only having the authority that we hand over to him. Pastor Kris told a story that I have heard many times, but after he told and just began to talk was amazing! When I went up to pray for people I felt an impression on my right knee, so I turned to Banning and asked him if it was hurting, which it wasn’t. Ten seconds later he went to go pray for a man. Fifteen seconds after that he tells me to get over there and explains how not only did this man ask for me to pray for him, but also that it was his right knee that he came up to get healing for! So Banning and I just declared healing in a second over him, without praying, and told him to go walk and test it out. He reported very much the same as I did with my knee problem from a month ago in that, it didn’t feel nearly as weak when he was walking and that he felt more stable. Praise God!

Fast forward to the evening and I showed up to pre-service prayer a few minutes early. Since I have been having such a good time praying in tongues the past few days, I didn’t hesitate to start walking around the room even though there was no music on yet and I was the only one doing it. Sure enough I could feel God’s presence almost immediately and was then getting touched by some angels and the Holy Spirit. Later I was with several other people and was starting to get a little bit drunk in the Holy Spirit. I was laughing so much that now my throat is just a tiny bit sore from it. I kept falling over and laughing. Ah, being happy is so much fun! I now have the feeling that the summer is going to be a blast!

So, I don’t think that I have ever had quite the experience that I had during worship tonight. It was amazing. I have had other experiences that were incredible, but I think this one tops them all. I thought I felt that something special was happening (which normally does not happen) and after just the third song Pastor Kris gets up to share that he feels such a special anointing in the room that he hasn’t felt anything that strong since the Jesus Movement 40 years ago! WOAH! I was already going crazy, but that just kicked it up another notch. It was fantastic. On top of that, a good friend of mine that I have been constantly praying for was finally back from her surgery a month ago. I didn’t realize just how special this is until now, but I had been praying that she wouldn’t need any more rods put in her back because she would be healed, and guess what, she didn’t need any rods! She still needs to be completely healed though. While praying for her I got a couple words of knowledge, one for pain in the left ear, which left completely, and another for headaches which lessened. Also, pain in her knee went away while I was praying for her feet. God is so awesome!!!! I can’t believe how faithful He is! Oh and while I was praying for my friend, she was praying with one or two other people for a woman with a large tumor. After the second time of prayer the woman had an astonished look on her face and could not find the tumor!!!! JESUS!!!!!

I almost forget to mention what got released during this time of worship before I prayed for my friend. In addition to the healing anointing, Pastor Kris also said that there was an anointing to break cycles, not only including bad addictions, but also including bad thought patterns of fear or loss of hope. He explained how many lose hope when things they are praying for don’t get answered. I totally felt that I had lost hope and it was also fitting that Kim Walker sang prophetically about dreams that were forgotten due to lost hope or bad memory would be restored. Well, I have dreams of people getting out of wheelchairs among other things that I have definitely lost hope on in a very general sense. Actually, I think it would be more accurate to say that I don’t carry those dreams with the same level of faith that I once did.

Nearly two hours into the service Danny Silk finally got up to preach. I sat with some friends who were susceptible to getting drunk in the Holy Spirit on purpose just because I know God is giving me some freedom and joy. I was not dissappointed. After Josephs and Marys were called forward to be released we ended with a big fire tunnel. Much later I got to pray with an awesome guy, Scott, for a woman with cancer. You can tell that Scott has been around Pastor Bill by the authority that he prays with. Not a gift of faith, loud authority, but rather a soft-spoken, rock-solid healing theology authority. He got a clear word about her not being able to sleep and the whole time we were praying I could feel the fire coming off of my fingertips. She is gonna be healed.

Somebody get happy! God is good!

Since my last post a lot has been going on. I went out of town Friday after school for a ministry trip in a small town called Clear Lake. We were facilitating 24 hours of prayer and also planning on going out into the city to do some outreach. But before that, we had some awesome stuff at school.

On Thursday Joaquin spoke and we just had a good ole time. I sat on the floor around the podium with about 40 other students as God came increasingly into the room and started getting many people drunk in the Spirit. I honestly can’t remember what he talked about now, but I know that it was good. Haha. Following that, we had our last outreach of the year. We were outside for a little while and since it was pretty cold, I put on my jacket in addition to my sweatshirt. I couldn’t believe that I was wearing that much clothing in May. Then I had home group and had fun hanging out at our leader’s new apartment.

Then at school on Friday we were privaledged to have Jason Westerfield speak to us. Jason is a graduate of the School of Supernatural Ministry and is one of the main people behind a lot of the testimonies that Pastor Bill has shared over the years. Additionally, he was one of the main speakers on the Global Awakening trip I took to Brazil last July and was the preacher for my team until he got sick, at which time I took over the preaching duties for the rest of the trip. It was much like Thursday with Joaquin but even more just because of Jason’s personality. It was great.

So fast forward to Saturday. I hadn’t been feeling too well after not sleeping well in a sleeping bag on the floor of a house with no heat. Yes it was still cold. My pillow was cold all night long. It was like sleeping on an ice pack. That would be great when it is 85 degrees in the apartment like it was when I got home last night, but not great when the temperature in the house is below 60. I stayed at the church and tried to pray while a few guys went out to do outreach around noon. They went to the hospital and got to pray for a man in the emergency room who hadn’t been responding at all. When they started praying for him, his eyes began to move and he began to respond!

That night we walked down the road to the grocery store. I was looking for some sort of energy/protein drink and another group was looking for some food. While walking down the back aisle I could hear something going on on the last aisle (don’t worry, I was just around the corner). Jeremy, Daniel, and Samuel stopped to pray for a woman in an electric wheelchairs that the store provides. She had messed up 5 vertebrae in her back. After they prayed for her, they prompted for her to do something that she couldn’t do before, so she gets up out of the wheelchair and starts running. Jeremy follows her running down the aisle and runs past me yelling Jesus as the woman runs past me. She got completely healed and ran to her friends who were several aisles down and says to her friend who was in a wheelchair that she needs to let us pray for them. So she goes back to her electric cart and drives it back to the front of the store to get a normal shopping cart.

Meanwhile we begin to talk to her two friends. We pray for the daughter of the woman in the wheelchair and as we are praying I feel a sensation in my left elbow so I ask them if they have any pain there and the woman in the wheelchair said that she has had problems in that elbow for a long time and her friend just claimed it for herself even though her pain was in her right elbow. So I prayed for them both at the same time and the woman’s right elbow got instantly healed. She began moving it around and said that there was absolutely no pain. Her friend who was in the wheelchair said that there was still pain so Samuel began to pray for her again. Jeremy then asked her if she was feeling anything and she said that Samuel’s hand was very hot. After a minute or two her elbow was also healed! Samuel then laid hands on the other woman and she said that she felt like she was on a rollercoaster ride. God really whacked them both. Praise God!

Thankfully that evening we had a portable heater for the house and so I was able to sleep a little bit better. At church Sunday morning God continued to move. He healed the eyes of a guitar player after the first service so that he didn’t need to wear his glasses in the second service. Another woman said that she could see me clearly after I prayed for her without her glasses. God also healed a woman’s neck and shoulders that were causing her hands to go numb. Then we came across an interesting situation where a person was needing some inner healing and deliverance. I wasn’t wanting to get involved since I don’t have much experience with it and I hadn’t been there from the start, but our trip leader called me over since I have been fasting. Well, while standing there I got a word of knowledge for something she had been doing but she ended up saying it within a minute anyway. Although I didn’t really need to use it, it was reassuring to me that God was showing me more in the form of words of knowledge that I am feeling and that I am sure are from Him.

After that the pastor took us out to lunch, and I got to watch people eat again. Haha. Luckily I won’t have to do that too many more times. We drove home and made it in time to get to pre-service prayer where I got to see Clay, Bart, Ross, and Lance from my church in Florida. The service was great. It was nice having our worship team back after a few services with less experienced musicians and a much different style of music in Clear Lake. There was a guest speaker, Paul Goulet, who is from the International Church of Las Vegas. He was great and it was awesome to get to hear what God is doing in “sin city”.

Yesterday I was up early to work for the conference. After some serious miscommunication I showed up to work at 6:30 am and worked until noon. Then I worked again from 2-4 and again from 5:30-7:00. Needless to say I was pretty tired so I went to the prayer house to soak and then went home and soaked some more.

Today I was working in the kitchen which was actually a lot of fun. The people were great and it was fun to get to serve all the pastor’s by being one of just a few people who were making their breakfast and bringing it to them. At one point I put out 240 bottles of water in just a few minutes to replenish the supply that was being decimated by the pastors. Haha. They were all super thankful though so it was a pleasure doing it. I spent a couple hours at the prayer chapel and now I am waiting to a little bit before a impartation meeting for the healing rooms with Cal Pierce and his team. Cal had been on the board at Bethel but God called him to reopen the Healing Rooms in Spokane, WA that John G. Lake had run many years ago. So he has been doing that now for many years and their reputation has grown to the point that even a hospital has asked them to set up a healing room! Praise God!

Well, I’ll let you know how that meeting goes! I can’t believe that there are only 6 days of first year left. God has been so good!