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So I missed yesterday, but I’m back again today! On Friday, I got a call to do some construction type work for a guy who lives just north of Redding up on a mountain. So I went up there and worked for a few hours after taking in the breathtaking views and then rushed home to take a shower before driving down to Sacramento to hear Todd Bentley. God is so good!

It was well worth the trip. Although we missed almost all of worship due to me getting off of work after we had planned on leaving, the meeting was still great! I have never seen Todd Bentley so drunk in my life! Drunk in the Holy Spirit for those who are wondering what kind of conference I was at. So we had a blast laughing and after the meeting we went out to Denny’s with a bunch of friends.

After just 4 hours of sleep I got up the next morning to have my time with God. It was so good. It has been so good since school got out and I got myself to plan on spending time with God rather than just hoping that it fits into my day. Speaking of which, had I not planned it into my morning yesterday I would have never gotten a chance as we were busy the rest of the day.

One of Todd’s associates, Jerame (not Jeremy) Nelson, spoke about dreams in the morning session. It was incrredible. I felt like I no longer had any need to worry about not remembering my dreams as the Lord will seal them in your Spirit and sometimes never intends for you to remember them. While waiting to leave after the meeting I prayed for a woman in a wheelchair who uses it because it is hard for her to walk. After prayer she started walking around and didn’t feel the pain in her leg!

After grabbing some lunch we headed to the mall to go pray for people to be healed. Again I learned some valueable outreach lessons of how to deal with ministering with people. God still moved, but at times there were awkward situations that came up when neither person knew what the other was thinking or going to say. As we were leaving, the Lord was just touching me when one of the other Bethel students called me to find out where we were. Well, she answered the phone praying in tongues which did not help when I was already jerking around a bit. 🙂

We showed up to the meeting early to get seats and I saw the women that Jeremy and I had met when we came to see Todd in February after we just flew in to San Francisco from Atlanta. One of them was on crutches and started to walk without them after prayer. I believe she may have had a little pain left over, but by that point I noticed the woman in the wheelchair that I had prayed for that morning. She was sitting in a regular chair with the wheelchair empty next to her! She said that she walked in pushing the wheelchair up the hill! Praise God!

I went back and started to pray for the women and we all started to laugh and get rocked a little bit more. After a few minutes I went to talk with another woman in a wheelchair and her husband. They were an amazing couple and I prayed for all sorts of things for them. He has had cataracts since birth and then God gave me a word about his hearing so I prayed for his ears as well. She has been paralyzed for 37 years and was getting rocked when I prayed for her. The words of knowledge kept coming as God showed me that she had pain in her neck (which she had broken as well) and in her shoulders, as well as deafness in her ears.

Then I went to go back to my seat when several people asked me about my shirt, which was made by one of our interns in first year. I ended up going over to pray for them and we all started to get drunk. Several of us. Then more people came over and the drunkenness increased! Yay God! Some people were just staring at us, but oh well, I had fun!

Then came along a man and a woman. The man had Parkinson’s and the woman had MS. As I was praying for the man he stopped shaking and only had a faint tremble. I asked him if he had hearing loss and he did, so I prayed and he responded that he was hearing things that he couldn’t hear before. Praise God! At this point the meeting was starting so I prayed quickly for the woman with MS after sharing with her the testimony of a woman getting healed of MS and ME at Bethel a few weeks ago. Praise you Lord!

Worship was fantastic. After having been drunk in the Holy Spirit and having prayed for so many people I was just ready to enter in. It was so nice having Brian and Jenn Johnson and a band from Bethel leading worship. It also helped that I knew all the songs! I honestly can’t remember much about what Todd talked about because God was really birthing something in my spirit. I do recall him talking about building your spirit man by praying in the spirit, soaking, and reading the bible. Not that it is some formula, but we can’t expect to get closer to God and the Holy Spirit if we don’t spend any time with them.

Then it was impartation time as Todd was going to pray for everyone. I was glad that he explained how we should prepare ourselves just to remind me that I should stir myself up (which I already had been doing) and that regardless of what we feel, we should receive by faith. Just because we don’t feel a jolt of power doesn’t mean that God didn’t deposit something in us. I know that God gave me something even though I didn’t feel like something major happened. So we got back on the road to head back to Redding.

We were still drunk all the way home, don’t worry, we weren’t so drunk that it was unsafe to drive, and got back at 1:45 am at which time the neighbors came out and introduced themsleves and we talked for about 5 minutes. Boy was that random. God is gonna get them! After two hours of sleep I was back at it and going for more in the prayer chapel. There really has been an increase as I have pursued God, received impartation, and then given it away. By doing these every day I have been growing a ton in a short period of time.

Just after I got to the prayer chapel one of the security guards came in. He was a student and so I prayed to give him what I had just received. he got rocked pretty good, as did I, and then he told me that he felt someone touch his left shoulder as I touched his right. That had never happened to him before!

I was good and drunk at church before we even started. Thank you Jesus! I fell into my seat at one point just as it was getting started. Worship was fantastic again. It felt like something broke as I went forward and began to dance. Some of the pastors were right behind me and I felt that they broke through what I had been poking at. Anyway, it went from feeling dead, to very alive in a matter of moments. A song or two in I had to prop myself up using the handrail for the stairs going up to the stage. It didn’t help for long as I fell down onto the stairs laughing.

At one point I stood up only to fall back down within 10 seconds. I then remained on the ground for the rest of worship. God is so good! Danny Silk continued his message on the role of women in the church. It was great, you should definitely listen to the podcast. During ministry time I approached a man who came forward needing healing from cancer. Come on God! Cancer is one of things I pray into every morning that every person who comes onto the property would be healed. He felt some heat and I released the joy of the Lord onto him, although I think God got me better than He got him. Haha. I fell to the floor and the guy I was praying for kept standing. Oh Jesus, I can’t wait for tonight!!!!!


Hospitals and worship

Posted: March 14, 2007 in Healing, worship

Today was pretty busy. After we ate breakfast the worship team met to go over the music we would do that night. As much fun as I think it is to play drums sometimes, I don’t know what I was thinking when I volunteered myself to play them on the trip. From that meeting we went straight into a team meeting and from there went out to lunch at a sweet taco stand.

The thing I have noticed about tacos in mexico is that they are nothing like tacos in the states. I never saw a hard taco (tortilla shell) and the soft tacos are much smaller than what we have here. This place had a bunch of different kinds of seafood as the meat for the tacos. I had the shrimp tacos which were great. From there we went to the church where luckily we got to rest for a little bit. It was really hot so I found myself a place on the concrete floor which was a little bit cooler to lay down.

Soon most of us left to go to hospitals while another group went to a Juvenile Hall. One of our translators kept leaving the group so we ended up spending probably 30 minutes just waiting for her to come back. Once we finally got in we went to pray for one of the people they told us to, who happened to be asleep. So we prayed for her while she slept. Then we went to another bed in the room where there was a very old woman who was not doing well at all. We prayed for her and the family members that were with her and then went on.

They had asked guys to only pray for the guys and the women only to pray for the women, so I was eager to find a guy so that I could lay hands on him. We saw a guy with a neck brace on so we went into his room. His mother said that some people had already prayed for him, but we asked if we could pray for him again. So I laid my hands on him and after I was done praying he said that he felt fire on his neck and on his hands. He said that most of the pain was gone, but there was still a little left. So I prayed again and this time his feet also got hot and all the pain left.

We spent more time talking with them and prophecying over them. Then I got a word of knowledge for left ankle pain and it was his mother. After we prayed a few times all the pain left! During this time, our group leader for the hospital was talking with a doctor in the hallway about healing. Haha. He said that we should pray for his patient who was right next to the guy who just got healed. Although his patient only had a few weeks to live, he declined prayer saying that he wanted to sleep. The mother of the guy with the neck injury starts talking to him from across the room telling him that he will get healed, but the guy still wouldn’t let us. As we waited to leave, the young man kept looking out into the hallway where we were smiling and giving me a thumbs up! He was ready to leave!

I got back to the church with enough time to eat dinner for about 5 minutes before going in to start practicing before the service. Oh boy. It sure does help when people have played together before. Lol. It went off fine though other than two times when the wrong signal was given so that I didn’t know where we were going (and neither did anyone else for that matter).

My buddy Nolan shared a few minutes about yielding to the presence of God. It was amazing. God is all over that guy. After the preaching was over we got back up to play some more as the rest of the team did a fire tunnel. We did a song that we hadn’t done earlier which was tough. Luckily we switched over to one we had done that was easier. Praise God that I survived hopefully my last time playing drums during worship.